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  1. Apreciate it homie! Jus trying to flush these idiots back to their sorry iggle boards
  2. I've been right about weems all along. He's the best we got returning!!
  3. That was for atlhomey by the way. Geez u guys are quick
  4. ^ listen ****face the only way you could have been rite is if Matt Ryan had put up 0 points or if he had been an interception machine. Not the case with either and stick around you cocksuckingfaggott after we beat the rest of the teams we gonna force you to eat some crow!
  5. So me and my buddy are always goin at it I say falcons # 1 he's steelers #1...so we made a bet. If the falcons lose I gotta rock a Steelers pic of his choosing and if the steelers lose then he has to rock a falcons pic of my choosing on his facebook. Soooo. I need a really BAD@SS falcons pick. Help me choose!!! He hates the nickname matty ice. Also some steeler bashing you guys throw in would also help.
  6. ^ yea still feels good making them feel stupid tho lol
  7. Ok dipshit how is that Matt Ryan's fault? That's the defense fault.
  8. Johnson had that weird fumble that counted as a catch last game. They need to work with him. Looks like he got dome speed.
  9. Bro 1 year wonder!! Lmao that was the funniest fail part of it all! People should stay quiet more ofte !
  10. Lmao ironically we are about to set a record for no turnovers lmao
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