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  1. Offense: I kind of feel like we are having an Identity Crisis on offense. We brought in Julio to throw the ball and we have been throwing it more, but we're sitting at 1-2. I think we are trying (like much of the league) to make a transition to passing offense. We can be that and have the weapons too but we have to protect Ryan. To throw the deep ball you need a little more time. You get time to do this two ways: 1.) the offensive line is really good in pass protection or 2.) Using play action to get defenders out of position We obviously do not have good pass protection right now, not saying we can't but right now it just sucks. So our best bet would be to do it off play action. Personally, I think we run too much on first down early in the game. Then we fall behind and we're forced to throw it more. We need to dictate to the defense what is going to happen (the no huddle) and stop getting pushed around on the line. Defense: If our offense was living up to half of its potential the defense would be legit. We are still not getting the sacks we need to but hopefully it will come. I love the intensity we come out with on defense. We have had some trouble making adjustments in the 2nd half ( philly, chicago) but overall they have played well as a unit and I hope they continue to improve. I think when Babs gets back it will do wonders for the front 4. Special Teams: Bryant is on target like he was all of last year. This punter we have is a joke, it is pointless to play field position when you net 18 yards on a punt. We'd be better off taking a shot on 4th and short at this point then punting it. This guy is abysmal, I don't understand what is so hard about punting. Bosher sucks and blows at the same time...hope I got his name right...actually no I don't. Weems is doing his thing return wise but our glorious punter brings the whole unit to below par in my eyes.
  2. you know I was just thinking the other day how we use to start fast and the Coach Smith emphasized a fast start. Those days are gone but we need to get back to it. I don't know about anyone else but anytime we win the toss, I HATE that we elect to receive, it just hasn't worked and we are a second half team anyway. I would rather kick it and take our chances, because Our defense has started every game strong this year. As far as the script goes, the film will show it is tough to run against Seattle. We still need to try to run it. I think first play we come out and run play action hit Julio or Tony for a first down. Ryan needs to complete a couple passes and get going early, if he can We'll be fine, but that would require giving him time to throw and keeping him upright.
  3. oh and by the way, I still believe this is a playoff team.
  4. Today's game was a tough loss, a game that we very easily could have won. You have to remember last year we could have easily lost to the Bucs twice, it took a 4th quarter comeback (sound familiar?) and a goal line stand to beat them. We were not as good as our record indicated last year, I'm not saying we didn't earn 13 wins. We earned every single one, but we were not dominant like you would expect a 13 win team to be. We caught a lot of breaks last year and were injury free. Having said that, the home game against the Saints and the playoff loss to the Packers set the blueprint for how to defend us. Teams are going to crowd the box, and make us throw it downfield, Our offense in the 4th quarter was up for the task. The throw to Jones wasn't beautiful but it was the kind of play we have been waiting for and It will continue to be there all year, we just have to execute it. Our defense played well today. Everyone would agree that right now, we have SERIOUS offensive line issues. I thought having McClure back would help, maybe it takes him a couple weeks to get back to form. Ryan is going to get hurt if he keeps getting hit like he was the first half today. I look for us to rebound next week and set up a huge showdown Sunday night against Green Bay, a chance for us to make another statement. I will say I like the direction the offense is going, we just have to start faster and not fall behind. Ryan has had two 300 yard games this year, something he didn't do at all last year and we hit the explosive play we were looking for. I think the offense will improve as the year goes on. The defense did its job today and we WILL get Tampa when they come to our house.
  5. The main reason for our running game being so good was Vick, you take his yardage away and it was average, maybe top 12 or 15, like it is now basically. Vick was good for 50 yards a game on a bad day. That's a huge chunk.
  6. Oh yeah, It just puts things in perspective now, could our offense be better, absolutely but it's not like we are terrible, we have a passing game. The explosive plays will come, we keep Ryan clean and it's gonna happen we don't have to throw it deep a lot, just connect on enough of them for the defense to be wary. There was so much wrong with our passing game then it wasn't even funny, we had a whole lot more questions than answers, now it's trending the other way.
  7. I was on the boards reading various Vick posts (ofcourse) and I saw a thread about when Vick flipped the fans off on '06, got me thinking why so I googled it and looked at the old espn article recapping that incident. What stood out to me was not that Vick flipped the fans off, but towards the end of the article the following stat was amazing to me, "For the second week in a row, the Falcons managed fewer than 100 net yards passing, finishing with a miniscule 52 yards. Vick was sacked three times. At times he was characteristically scattershot and, on those occasions when he delivered the ball on target, his butter-fingered wideouts usually dropped it. " I took some Pepto Bismol after reading the article, but it made me realize our offense is so much better now than it was then, We should be thankful. I am not saying its all because of Ryan, because Roddy has worked his butt off to become one of the best receivers in the league and we brought in the right people to work with him. The Joe Horn move didn't pay off on the field but it was every penny because it helped Roddy get where he is today. Everything lined up just right for all of this to happen, If all we are complaining about is not throwing the deep ball and the O-line stepping up, then we're in good shape...just saying... http://sports.espn.g..._len&id=2676827
  8. I'm not sure why everyone continues to bring up this deep ball issue with Matt Ryan. He launched a beautiful pass last night that Julio could not come down with. Is the deep ball the best part of his game? No. He is very accurate with short and medium passes. The point is we're ATTEMPTING to throw the deep ball more. Even if Ryan doesn't connect every time, it's the reps that he's getting that's important. Does anyone here honestly believe that if we keep throwing the deep ball Ryan isn't going to connect? and that if our offense stays this way with Julio and Roddy for the next few years that Ryan won't ever throw the deep ball well? I know I don't. The deep ball is not his strong point right now but he and the offense are making a point to work on it, the rest will fall into place. Oh and BTW, this is a better team than last year, we may not end up that way record wise, but we are better. We should hit double digit wins again and get a playoff spot.
  9. Winning these three battles have led us to 13 wins this season and it will be no different this Saturday, if we win these three areas we win the game. Period. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  10. I would like Musgrave as well, You always see he and Matt on the sidelines after the offense is done talking and looking at what the defense is doing. They have developed familiarity with each other and I think he'd open up the offense a bit more.
  11. We need to sure up our Run D, we got gashed for for over 200 yards, in the playoffs it won't be so nice because Clausen won't be the QB for the other team. Our D was was GREAT the first half and then we came out in the third and looked like we've never tackled before. It's good to see Abe and Beer-Guy gettin pressure, hopefully that trend will continue into our playoff run.
  12. More than likely so We def. need to keep the home streak alive especially if Matt starts the game and comes out after a couple series don't want that streak to come to an end b/c of a meaningless game.
  13. better than not at all, maybe the chance for autographs goes up, last home game, fan appreciation day, I was able to get a few last year after the Buffalo game.
  14. I'm coming down to ATL New Years Day going to our final home game against Carolina, What are the chances I get to see any of the starting guys play? It kind of sucks if the backups are in the whole game but I will enjoy regardless. Any chance we see the starters at all if we have everything wrapped up?
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