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  1. The falcons are looking like the team to beat for the next couple of years in the south but i think the defense will be the cornerstone of this franchise that pushes the team harder if my falcons do not i repeat and i mean do not repeat the signing overpaid linemen, we have learned since signing bad d-linemen. Last trend for a long time
  2. He may be deserving everything he getting, but let us falcon brothers drink it in and love seeing them Carolina fans after 3 years of winning the division feel the pain we felt when Matt Ryan was getting 100% late hits and leg tackles and punishing looking injuries but Cam like a great man told me **** HIM STOP Bitching.
  3. After beating the packers we officially pushed them out but the real matter is somehow getting away from the wild card game i dont like the site of being in one of these games, we need a 1st round bye to rest our players but its going to be a surprise late in the year. Hope we make trades
  4. Am a falcons fan but even i noticed they trying to kill Cam, the refs not calling the flags. Matt Ryan been getting blessed with late hits and not getting the brady rule.
  5. In a strange manner after being robbed by the 12th Ref, Am anger about the game swearing that the next opponent is the packers in Green Bay. Well someone just came out and said no man its San Diego that's when i said ****. Our Atlanta Falcons will play extra well after our encounter with the 12th Ref, but mark my words as a falcon fan and speaking from the heart. ''It Ain't Over Mother****ers'' Thank Your For Reading
  6. I respect the manner we handled what happened to the poor fortunate Michael Bennett, Am proud the class of our O-line not to worry about being called dirty, Am a believer of any means necessary to defeat your opponent, also protect your brother in trouble of course am talking about Matt Ryan. The Brotherhood slogan is real in Atlanta and week after week it will be proven each game. Thank U FOR Reading
  7. The penalty could get u pissed which it did for me but i was more happy about how the falcons beat the **** out the Seattle Seahawks and showed everyone put respect on our name. Now we are going to take the NFL by storm not like the Cowboys who did not play the best yet, This is the first time in Falcons history we going in the most hostile stadium and kicking *** and taking names with tough brotherhood. It only took 2 years with Dan Quinn remember that. Mike Smith Nice Guy But Can't Coach For **** Real.
  8. I mean come on are u fans going to get on me about this thread, **** don't even have to explain what topic this is about lol
  9. Whenever Julio had that foot injury years ago he could have just played thought it, but he did not which resulted in the monster we have today in the national football league. I was watching talks about Dez Bryant about missing games and i remembered Julio Jones tried to give him advice to rest the injury, well i guess he did not listen and Cowboy Nation and some fools thinks Dez is better then JJ. P.S- My Typing Sucks Because Its not supposed to be a news article i don't get paid to post these things,this is just how i feel thank u for your support brothers and sisters falcons.
  10. I was politely explaining that the broncos CB's no matter what happened in that game we had last week they are the gold standard for being elite and when Robert Alford got that penalty its just another thread that we need a CB we can count on all the time not just in moments. Does that work in your head what am talking about little falcon.
  11. Man I love My Fellow Falcon Fans LOL
  12. If we want that ring people got to step up and play elite and react different, U think them **** CB's we just faced are known for screwing up **** no thats called Respect. Guess I just Enlightened U
  13. I completely believe the Atlanta Falcons no matter what happens after the rough schedule weeks we having is proving that the team is now no longer the top 5 offense that u think can be good u know they good AF, The Cowboys are known for there O-line and that will not change, the seahawks or known for there secondary and that will not change, After this year we will be known for our Elite Level Saints like offense times ten. Hate If u must
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