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  1. This is a example for those people that believe the falcons cant do anything without Ryan, is he really worth 150 mil?
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/wsbtv.relaymedia.com/amp/sports/a-bets-a-bet-seattle-mayor-hangs-falcons-flag-at-city-hall/487980044?client=ms-android-att-aio-us Thought this was funny since im from the NW
  3. I would say 1 because until this years I didn't see any diversity in the offense ( run, run, pass) so I would say one.
  4. I still can't believe its really over I wanted to change the channel back and say we still have time but alas it wasn't so.
  5. I live in aw state as well I know how you feel guys at work brought a bunch of Seahawks stuff to decorate the break room and they put Seahawk stickers all over my falcons sweater .... Good thing I get along with them or I'd slap the **** out of someone.
  6. Shhh remove this post before they see our secret..... quietly though
  7. Dam that sucks for me it's was on when I got off work about 5 I live in wa state
  8. Lol ya last week it was 8-8 ....no faith
  9. Might have been sloppy very f'n sloppy but a win is a win and I don't care how the birds win as long as they keep it up don't worry bout playoffs till playoff time dude.
  10. Ha only hole he can find I'd a doughnut.
  11. I always thought he was best at that point of the draft so, why not trade up
  12. Ya trent would know about taking it to the face...
  13. Man these are probably the same idiots that last year said they would rather have Mike Vick over Ryan any day ......you all know who you are this just goes to show you hard work does pay off.
  14. Thats funny cause there are a lot of so called falcons fans that were saying the opposite last year and the year before that.... Ryan puts in his time studying and working hard ... Vick has admitted he never did that in Atlanta... I was glad when his *** left period.
  15. Lets not forget about white making that sweet a s s catch
  16. Does he still think saints have more talent? ...... I wonder...
  17. Ya I saw like 3 sacks more y Than broncos I think
  18. I like flying under the radar too...Mmm ...... It's like farting in the office, you walk away laughing, cause you hear someone say "ohhhh who **** their pants.". Well I get a good laugh at it.
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