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  1. oh and when you get a chance let me know how you post pic on this site.. i wanted to post some pics but couldnt figure it out.

  2. It was good meeting you too Bart2Ryan. Sorry for the late post haven't had time to post, holidays and all, I cant believe how time is just flying by since that game geez and the Football season is almost over, Makes me want to cry :(

    Well best wishes to you and your fiance and hope to see you at another game some day.

    And man I really really wanted that Pancho.

  3. Hey i was on 111 row C nice i was there with my family

  4. can you send me link to watch game?

  5. ah man thanks take your time and make it look good thanks bro

  6. Dude those pieces were sick man if you ever make a falcons piece please let me know .... that one of Africa so sweet

  7. probably pooping

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