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  1. This is a example for those people that believe the falcons cant do anything without Ryan, is he really worth 150 mil?
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/wsbtv.relaymedia.com/amp/sports/a-bets-a-bet-seattle-mayor-hangs-falcons-flag-at-city-hall/487980044?client=ms-android-att-aio-us Thought this was funny since im from the NW
  3. I would say 1 because until this years I didn't see any diversity in the offense ( run, run, pass) so I would say one.
  4. I still can't believe its really over I wanted to change the channel back and say we still have time but alas it wasn't so.
  5. I live in aw state as well I know how you feel guys at work brought a bunch of Seahawks stuff to decorate the break room and they put Seahawk stickers all over my falcons sweater .... Good thing I get along with them or I'd slap the **** out of someone.
  6. Shhh remove this post before they see our secret..... quietly though
  7. Dam that sucks for me it's was on when I got off work about 5 I live in wa state
  8. Lol ya last week it was 8-8 ....no faith
  9. Might have been sloppy very f'n sloppy but a win is a win and I don't care how the birds win as long as they keep it up don't worry bout playoffs till playoff time dude.
  10. Ha only hole he can find I'd a doughnut.
  11. I always thought he was best at that point of the draft so, why not trade up
  12. Ya trent would know about taking it to the face...
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