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  1. I do raw. When I do the stuffed burgers, I'll cook a bit and that's what I use for the stuffing. Then I mix a little raw bacon with the ground beef. The last ones I did had cooked bacon and cheddar in the middle, raw bacon mixed with the beef, and a few slabs of thick cut, cooked, for the top. I also mixed a bit of homemade BBQ with the raw bacon/ground beef. Then when the burger was done, I topped it with a bit more. Did them on the smoker, with just a bit of applewood. They blew my mind. It was an explosion of bacon, beef, cheddar and BBQ in my mouth...
  2. Blue Stack Smokehouse in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Best Smoked meat I've ever had. Also, grind up bacon and mix it with the beef. Amazing. I'll do loaded double bacon cheeseburgers that will blow your mind.
  3. It's here. We're ready. We will RISE UP!!!

  4. I went to Snider. 2001

  5. Sweet man. I'm familiar with CC.

  6. What high school did you go to?

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