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  1. Holmes wasn't good last night. Our play elsewhere just made up for him. Ryan moving in the pocket negated Holmes.
  2. Holmes is horrible. He was bad last year, he's bad this year.
  3. Holmes deserves a large portion of the blame for the lack of offense today.
  4. Holmes gets his lunch money stolen, and its all PWs fault.
  5. TE is out. Green will give us problems, but just Dalton and Green won't be enough. If the D can focus on Green and Gio, who else would beat us? Sanu?
  6. To each his own. I just can't see Dalton and Green beating us alone. The D is good, but they're good in the middle. The quick screens and 4 wide sets can negate that, as long as Ryan has a bit of time. If the OL plays like they did last week, they won't be able to keep up. Like I said, just a gut feeling.
  7. I've been pretty pessimistic about our team this offseason, and I haven't posted much. But I honestly have a feeling that this game will be a blowout. Not even close. A lot is said about how good the bengals D is. The Taints D was supposed to be better. We dropped 30 on them, and that's with the Julio fumble and the slow start. Our O can carve any team up. I don't think that Dalton and Green alone can keep up. I think we beat them by 20+.
  8. I just rewatched. One little tidbit... Teams respect 77. The doubled Hage a ton. The majority of the plays he was in, he was doubled. Another tidbit... Kroy and Jax are done after this year. Period. Gone.
  9. We have some murderous critters in the desert. Scorpions everywhere, tarantulas, giant crab spiders, camel spiders, giant centipedes, sun spiders, etc. Only a few can hurt you but they're all creepy...
  10. That's a fallacy regarding Abe. He wasn't hurt near as much as you guys seem to incorrectly remember.
  11. His jet arrived to pick me up this morning. I'm posting this from the WiFi on the plane. Be there in a sec...
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