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  1. I don't deny that. His sacks tonight were a result of a guy trying to wait for someone to get open for a fraction of a second longer instead of just throwing it in the dirt. He didn't turtle, he stayed in the pocket and took a chance a play might develop.
  2. It's a wet dream but Ryan was one non-called face mask penalty away (the third and 22 play in the SB when they were up by 8 after the great JJ catch - pass out to the sideline to Sanu (I think) and I swear there was a facemask, but the penalty was on Matthews for holding and they're out of FG range) from being a SB Champ. And now he's an ineffective QB that you can't win with? Maybe on this team this year. Would everyone be taking him out behind the wood shed if he was in SF now - no, not even close.
  3. I don't have the stats on hand to back it up, but prior to this year I remember seeing a stat, whether it was posted here or on TV, about how Ryan had one of the highest QB ratings when blitzed
  4. I realize MR's three years older from the 2016 season, but I watch every game and I do not see a sudden drop in physical skill. I'll accept he's missing more throws than he would complete before, but to me that is a function of an o-line that can't run the ball or pass protect for any degree of confidence. Ask yourself this? If Shanny came back next year with the exact same offensive personnel that the Falcons have now, how well would MR play? I think he would be a lot closer to the 2016 MR than the 2018 Eli.
  5. You know that you've hit rock bottom when you're excited about your rookie kicker being the best in the league at on-side kicks. Have to admit, I LMAO when we recovered the second one, best moment of the night.....
  6. I said to THE Wife, 'it makes no sense to go for two at this point, the only thing I can think of is that he wants to practice 2-point converts in-game'. I didn't really care because I never thought we'd recover 2 onside kicks. Then I was quite aggravated. It truly made no sense.
  7. Along with all of the others in the last week. Scroll down a little bit for the Sanu trade: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27897346/barnwell-2019-nfl-trade-grades-tracking-every-deadline-deal Here is the story: ATL trades WR Mohamed Sanu to NE Atlanta Falcons get: 2020 second-round pick New England Patriots get: WR Mohamed Sanu Falcons grade: B+ Patriots grade: C+ There's always some trepidation in suggesting the Patriots didn't get the better end of a deal. Bill Belichick is smarter than, well, just about anyone else in the league. The Patriots are prohibitiv
  8. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I never played and I'm not an Xs and Os guy. I took those comments as guys not being 100% professional in their preparation or actions on the field. I just couldn't distinguish them from a guy not being all in versus a guy who screwed up while watching the games.
  9. What does "not being all in" really mean at this level? To me it implies that players are not accepting of what their role/assignment is on the team, or in the scheme, or on any given play call (offensive or defensive). If you're trying and hustling, but you're just not good at your position, then you shouldn't be labeled as 'not being all-in' - you're just not very good. Can anyone on this Board point to a play where they know a player free lanced on that play and that screwed up the play for the other 10 guys on the field? Rico and Grady have mentioned, so maybe it's happening on t
  10. I'm down with that as long as Ramsey gets benched or, you know, suffers an actual back injury and misses the rest of the Rams' march to SB glory.
  11. I respected Ramsey because I believe he is a very good CB. I don't mind a guy speaking his mind and showing bravado or swagger, because as we all know he's going to have to back it up. Last night I was watching the NFL Network when Deion Sanders called Ramsey (video chat). Sanders asked him about the trainers in LA being able to quickly deal with his back issue. Deion was clearly being tongue-in-cheek and Ramsey was oh yeah they figured my back out quick, with a dung eating grin. Ramsey flat out quit on the Jags and his back injury was all BS. When I think of the people on this board
  12. oh and when you get a chance let me know how you post pic on this site.. i wanted to post some pics but couldnt figure it out.

  13. It was good meeting you too Bart2Ryan. Sorry for the late post haven't had time to post, holidays and all, I cant believe how time is just flying by since that game geez and the Football season is almost over, Makes me want to cry :(

    Well best wishes to you and your fiance and hope to see you at another game some day.

    And man I really really wanted that Pancho.

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