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  1. I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and I just entered grade 10 that year. I fell in love with the Falcons in 1980. That game was on local TV from one of the Buffalo affiliates. I remember the Falcons were 2-0 going into that game at GB and for the first 3 quarters they looked totally clueless, then BAM, what a 4th quarter! The 1981 team was quite the disappointment but I read they had a ton of injuries on D and if you lok at the results that year they lost about 5 games in the final couple of minutes - oh, what could have been! (The lament of Falcons fans everywhere).
  2. I vividly recall how he played against the Falcons in last year's game in Atlanta - that was a Pro Bowl-like day! I'm not saying he's going to be Zeke or Barkley, but he's an immediate and welcome upgrade.
  3. Here's my interpretation: Team A chooses the 1 yard line, but Team B chooses if they are on offense or defense. You would pick offense because that means you start on the D's 1 yard line. So if you're the team choosing you must always pick midfield. I don't know- maybe I'm missing the point.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to post this, it was worth the effort!
  5. I understand and respect that perspective. I disagree in that I'd be picking BPA that's not a QB, but that doesn't make me right.
  6. Serious question. The Falcons lost 3 games this year in historically bade, choke job fashions - the kind of losses fans experience about once a decade. They were Dallas, Chicago, and Detroit. I could toss in blowing a 17 point 3rd qrtr lead at home against TB. Then there were nail biting losses to Car, Chargers, and KC. I bet if we could somehow jump inot a time machine and replay those critical moments in the 4th qrtr that the Falcons win 1 of those 3 games. That would make them 9-7 and in the piece of poop. Would your draft priorities be different if we were picking #18 (for example). Perhap
  7. Did you wake up between the moon and New York City?
  8. His lack of slowing Hightower down on the sack was only one of many plays that had they gone differently would have lead to a SB win, so I can't hate on the guy. I really question his agent's announcement during the week of the SB, but that didn't effect anything in the game. Freeman played hard for the Falcons and that style took its toll on him. Buff is my preference to win it all and I hope Freeman is a part of that. I have far more respect for Freeman and how he played for the Falcons than any hard feelings for that one play.
  9. I think there's an important distinction to be made when discussing tanking. I don't think anyone seriously thinks that anybody in the organization wanted to tank. The discussion was mostly about us as fans, do we want the team to finish with the highest draft picks as possible when the season is lost? When I watch it's impossible for me to cheer against the Falcons. How I would've enjoyed winning at KC or when Hill broke free for that big run at TB! But once we lost to the Saints the second time, I knew any remote hope of PO were truly gone, so I genuinely wanted us to finish 4-12 and lo
  10. I know you don't mean it literally, but after 28-3, in 2017 the Falcons were a playoff team and upset the Rams in LA before losing to the eventual SB-winning Eagles. Then in 2018, Ryan's stats were almost as good as his MVP 2016 year. Since 2017, the offense has lost an effective running game when Coleman left for SF and Freeman was just too beat up. RT Schraeder went from Pro Bowl to being released. On defense, what looked like a pair of good CBs for a long time in Alford and Trufant quickly went to crap. Jalen Collins went Cheech and Chong. Then in 2019 the D was decimated with injuries
  11. This year I've had more 'WTH Matt?' moments than probably his rookie year, but there is no way what you wrote about is true. Compared to: no running game, no pass rush, poor coaching, an offensive game plan that rarely fools the opposing D, a defense where at most 4 of our starters would be for sure starters on other teams, etc.? The assessment that the Falcons have to make is 'will Ryan age like Brady, Rivers, or Brees in the next 2 years? - meaning that you will not see a big drop off in performance; or will he age like Flacco and Eli where their play dramatically diminshed? As being ob
  12. To you and yours, and to all on the AFMB, a Happy and Healthy New Year!
  13. Their signature song from the album that sold the most records for a band's debut album until it was broken by Guns N Roses' Appetite for Destruction album.
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