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  1. Why should the falcons be sticking by Elam? History has nothing to do with current abilities and Elam has been missing consistently easy kicks. You could goto any large college campus have open tryouts and find several people who consistently make 40 and under but Elam is 5/10 for 30-49 yards. He has lost us games this season and possibly already cost us the playoffs. Enough is enough hire some nobody as he couldnt possibly do worse.
  2. The only reason the chargers got rid of Brees was a shoulder injury that there was no guarantee he would come back from anywhere near his abilities although he obviously did.
  3. Mike Smith is an idiot. The challenged play wasnt even close to a first. Blank should have a coach whose sole responsibility is to determine whether to challenge because Smith is a friggin first class emotional idiot. He has continually traded valuable timeouts for non sensical challenges. Also the play calling , especially before the Turner injury, was a joke. Why were we throwing so much on 1st? Turner was mowing them over but we kept throwing early. Ryan looks awful. He is completely inaccurate last few games. I guess he'll make a good backup once he sheds the big contract somewhere. Atlant
  4. I dont think our cb's tackle that poorly but they seem to cover really poorly on a consistent basis
  5. No if he was dating Jessica Simpson he would play great until a really important game came up then he would choke badly. Hes just playing consistently sh$#ty right now. Maybe we can get Vick back. Then we would still have a crappy pass game but the run game would improve.
  6. Atlanta play calling is awful!!! The panthers havent stopped Turner yet and the Falcons OC is calling 1st down pass after 1st down pass which puts the team in bad positions for 3rd and longs. Im currently watching the season go down the tubes.
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