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  1. I think it will just be a bruise and will rest him for Thursdays game.
  2. Knee injury's are nasty no matter what the extent. Were running really well today so I think that will give us the win, just let him get healthy for Thursday's game.
  3. I don't what to think that he is going to be out for any extended point in time. I hate to think that he got injured badly.
  4. I doubt smith will let this team sleep on the bucs. They are a division rival and those games are always tough.
  5. I buc trolls will be upon us soon. The buc trolls are coming the buc trolls are coming!!!!! Prepare the troll away spray. GO FALCONS RISE UP!!!!!!
  6. Finneran could catch the ball diving through a ring of fire with one hand behind his back, but he has a hard time catching it if its right to him.
  7. Thank God Ryan is ok.
  8. That would be one of the funnest things ever.
  10. Losses happen, its all part of the game. I'm not worried, we have a home game this week and then a bye week we will have that time to get healthy. So once again I'm not at all worried. I know I might sound like a homer, but I'm not just all that worried, we will get things together. GO FALCONS!!!!! I predict another winning streak again.
  11. I always want to see a blow out. It makes the win even more sweet.
  12. OH YEAH!!!! ONE DEEP TO RODDY!!!!! TD!!!!!!
  13. There was a guy on the field that had a mic that said "This isn't a library. make some noise." Why can't we do that every quarter when the defense has the ball? oh and who was that guy anyway?
  14. That is one of my big problems with living in FL the lack of Falcons gear in the sports stores. I see a lot of Steelers, Aints, cowgirls, and of course the FL teams stuff. It takes me a while to find anything I like.
  15. I have been Rising up all season!!!!! I can't wait for the game Sunday...epically b/c I will be there...I wonder if they are giving anything away free...besides a 49ers azz kicking.
  16. Redo the roof and make it retractable. It would keep both sides happy...at least in theory.
  17. Glad I'm going to the game Sunday!!!!! GO FALCONS RISE UP!!!!
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