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  1. Im looking forward to watching them implode this year. I think vick gets injured and then Young gets scared and runs home and hides for a while again. but thats just me
  2. I have tickets for the Titans game in this section and was wondering who else I might be around.
  3. We have one thing we didnt have last year and that Jones. We have so many weapons this year they won't be able to account for them all. Double team one guy another will be open.
  4. It would have to be a 10 for me. I get so excited when they win and really sad when they lose (it effects my mood sometimes) I make it a point to make it to a game every year. GO FALCONS!!!!!
  5. My First Falcons experiance was during the Falcons preseason in 1992 during the GA Domes Grand Opening with my dad now back in 1992 I had no intrest in football what do ever....we left the game during half time (cut me some slack guys I was like 5 and cared more about power rangers and legos then football oh and Captin Crunch). Anyway my second experiance was out side of a best buy in 1997 when I met Dan Reeves coming out of (I remember him coming out with a big screen tv.) my father stopped him had me shake his hand and told me this was the man that was going to take the Falcons to the super bowl and as we all know he did end up doing that. From the 1997 season and on I was a Falcons fan. My love from them grew and grew. If any of you remember when the Falcons Landing was the birds nest, I was out there just about every Sunday with my Father (who did the DJ work for the nest) In the time that he was doing that I was able to be on the side line for a game for a whole game (before 9/11 happend) after that it was Pregame side line passes and Season tickets and in that time I met Tommy Nobis, and other Falcon greats. I was at the draft event when the Falcons where Arthur Blank took over and we drafted Vick. I have been through ups and downs with this team, maybe not as much as others but ever since I became a fan I have never abandoned or lost hope for this team. I love the Falcons and always will. I have found a way to make it to a game since 2007(before then it was about every other year) I will be going to the Falcons Vs Titans game this year. SO GO FALCONS!!! RISE UP!!!!
  6. You could have Falco in a big leather chair petting a little kitten,in the HQ of the panthers with Fox facing him. Falco then says, "Hello Mr. Fox." Like something out of a James Bond Film, oh and Falco should have an eye patch.
  7. I say it be Falco as a therapist talking to Raheem Morris asking him now when did you start thinking the bucs were the best team in the NCF? Or it could be of Falco trying to help johnny buc with his identity crisis in which he has jersey thats half old school and half current jersey.
  8. While I was going into work I got complimented by an Eagles fan that the Falcons are a good team and that they had him worried late in that game. He said Matt Ryan was a great QB. That helped get my day at work started on the right foot. Later on there were a few saint fans in the line at the ride I work at, at universal studios FL, I gave them little jabs like, I'm sorry I can't let saints fans on this ride, They asked me who my team was and I was like the Falcons and they were like The Falcons are a good team. So all in all other Fans are showing our team respect and it made my day at work better. GO FALCONS!!!! RISE UP!!!!
  9. Just to add to it what if Lombardi had a can of Uncle Falco's Hot Sauce in his pocket.
  10. BUMP! This hits hard for me especially b/c I am the same age as he is. My Prayers are with him.
  11. I have had the idea in my head all week of Falco as a sheep herder dragging bradford with him with one of those sheep herding things singing, "Falco had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb/"
  12. Quote the FALCON, "RISE UP!!!"

  13. Y'all need to be extra loud for me b/c I'll be working Thursday till 11pm it sucks. But Ill be thinking about the game the whole time. GO FALCONS!!!! BEAT THE RAVENS INTO THE GROUND. Quote the Falcon, "RISE UP!"
  14. and remember you have to be careful with any knee injury, b/c a knee injury is a nasty thing. I know this from dislocating both my knees. GO FALCONS!!!!
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