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  1. The Saint's winning the super bowl is like finding out Al Davis has taken over as owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and he brought Jamarcus( spelling) Russel with him to be your starting QB.
  2. They have been and will always forever be the AINT's.
  3. Lets prove we are the better Fans and choke this one down. B/c we all know the Saint's Fans Couldn't do it.
  4. If there was any receiver I would hope we could get it would be Hines Ward.
  5. Name: Ellis Holmes Age:22 Location: Originally from Auburn GA, currently live in Longwood, FL Falcon fan since:98 Really started getting into football then Favorite Falcon opponent to see them beat: Oh tough one..... I just can't stand then panthers but beating the Aint's is just the best. Favorite Falcon moment: Beating my best friend over the head with the Number one finger while we beat his Beloved Bucs Favorite move management has made in Atlanta: Bringing in TD, Smith and Drafting Matt Ryan Least favorite move Falcon management has made: Getting rid of Dan Reeves, I met the guy once outside of best buy very nice guy. Current favorite Falcon player: Matt Ryan, Kroy Biermann, John Abraham All-Time Favorite Falcon: Brian Finneran How many times have you seen the Falcons live and favorite moment: 6 times. To many to recall, when they have handed out the white towels and everyone was waving them around. Its always amazing. And every time we win.
  6. So what is your favorite Super Bowl dish to make to eat during the game?
  7. http://www.doritoschangethegame.com/index.html go to this link and vote for Drew Brees for the cover of madden 2011 and with the madden curse he will get hurt or just plain out suck next season, and bring those aint's fans back to earth.
  8. Narrator, "Vick however isn't as effective when in the pocket." lol
  9. I find it funny how Vick was flexing going, "I'm gonna give them all this." I'm thinking what am I suppose to be looking at?
  10. I think Andy Reed has gotten fatter since then.
  11. This loss didn't leave a bitter taste in my mouth like many of the others do. It was a tough fought game, and I hated seeing us lose and some of the refs calls were really bad. But the Falcons still played their ***** off. I think we have a good shot of winning our last 3 games, I have never lost faith this season. I still love the Falcons and will support them no matter what. We have next season to look forward to and getting this D-Fence clicking. GO Falcons! You will always be my team!!!!
  13. Is Everybody Ready for some Falcons Football! I know I am I'm pumped for this game. GO FALCONS!!!!!
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