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  1. I love this team through think and thin. I get frustraed when we run a bad play espically when I yell at the tv telling them not to run it on 3rd down and they do it anyway and don't get the 1st down. But all in all I support this team through thick and thin win or loss. I am one of the biggest die hard fans you will ever meet. With that said..... GO FALCONS!!!!! RISE UP!!!!!!

  2. Truthfully I typically am nervous about a game, but this week (for the moment) I'm not, I wasn't last week even when we were down in the game I knew we would find a way to pull it out. The panties game how ever I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Go figure. But I'm just pumped for this game, I have the whole day planned out from the time I get up to the time I'm sitting in my seat at the DOME. GO FALCONS!!!! RISE UP!!!

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