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  1. Falcons vs Rams. I'm taking a buddy of mine to his first Falcons game ever. I paid for the tickets he is paying for gas, beer and snacks.
  2. I tend to root for the Raiders when were not playing them. I do that on account that my Fiances father(God rest his soul) was a Raiders fan and I do it in his memory. Other then that I bleed red and black and will always be a Falcons fan.
  3. We have a lot of players banged up that need rest. To make sure they are fresh for the playoffs.
  4. I love this team through think and thin. I get frustraed when we run a bad play espically when I yell at the tv telling them not to run it on 3rd down and they do it anyway and don't get the 1st down. But all in all I support this team through thick and thin win or loss. I am one of the biggest die hard fans you will ever meet. With that said..... GO FALCONS!!!!! RISE UP!!!!!!
  5. It was, nobody was even close to Davis.
  6. I would take 2 or 3 losses for a Superbowl win.
  7. I actually hope they do beat the Aint's. An Aints loss is a good loss.
  8. I would rather it be an away game. I would like to stay undefeated at home. But thats me. What about ya'll
  9. I just tend to roll my eyes when I hear stuff like that.
  10. http://www.kstatesports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/tuggle_justin00.html
  11. Finn was always one of my favorite Falcons players I'm like hearing that he had such an impact on HD.
  12. So I recently discovered that Jessie Tuggles son plays for Kansas St, I believe he's a senior and it crossed my mind wondering if the Falcons would ever considering giving him a look.
  13. Think about how awesome it would be to have Rice come in to mentor Jones.
  14. Its our time guys. The majority of us have supported this team through think and thin and now were being rewarded for sticking with this team. So go FALCONS!!!! RISE UP!!!!
  15. I would love to make it to every home game but I live in FL and the drive would get really expensive after a while. But I rep the Falcons when ever I can.
  16. It always good to know people lol. I'm so ready for this game.
  17. I'm so pumped about this game? It might be because I'm gonna be at the game but still I'm so ready to get loud and RISE THE F UP!!!!!
  18. I'm ready to get loud and rise up and blow the roof off on the dome. NO PLACE LIKE DOME!!!
  19. Truthfully I typically am nervous about a game, but this week (for the moment) I'm not, I wasn't last week even when we were down in the game I knew we would find a way to pull it out. The panties game how ever I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Go figure. But I'm just pumped for this game, I have the whole day planned out from the time I get up to the time I'm sitting in my seat at the DOME. GO FALCONS!!!! RISE UP!!!
  20. I love a good blow out game, but Smitty has the class to not let it get to out of hand. If it was me I would let us run the score up, but thats me and why I would make a horrible coach. lol
  21. Nice. Heres to an amazing game and a 6-0 start going into the bye. Like I said before shouldn't be hard to spot me.
  22. I just want a Superbowl win. If it was there it would make the victory even sweeter but I would take a win any where.
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