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  1. Falcons vs Rams. I'm taking a buddy of mine to his first Falcons game ever. I paid for the tickets he is paying for gas, beer and snacks.
  2. I tend to root for the Raiders when were not playing them. I do that on account that my Fiances father(God rest his soul) was a Raiders fan and I do it in his memory. Other then that I bleed red and black and will always be a Falcons fan.
  3. We have a lot of players banged up that need rest. To make sure they are fresh for the playoffs.
  4. I love this team through think and thin. I get frustraed when we run a bad play espically when I yell at the tv telling them not to run it on 3rd down and they do it anyway and don't get the 1st down. But all in all I support this team through thick and thin win or loss. I am one of the biggest die hard fans you will ever meet. With that said..... GO FALCONS!!!!! RISE UP!!!!!!
  5. It was, nobody was even close to Davis.
  6. I would take 2 or 3 losses for a Superbowl win.
  7. I actually hope they do beat the Aint's. An Aints loss is a good loss.
  8. I would rather it be an away game. I would like to stay undefeated at home. But thats me. What about ya'll
  9. I just tend to roll my eyes when I hear stuff like that.
  10. http://www.kstatesports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/tuggle_justin00.html
  11. Finn was always one of my favorite Falcons players I'm like hearing that he had such an impact on HD.
  12. So I recently discovered that Jessie Tuggles son plays for Kansas St, I believe he's a senior and it crossed my mind wondering if the Falcons would ever considering giving him a look.
  13. Think about how awesome it would be to have Rice come in to mentor Jones.
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