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  1. Keep getting concussions and we'll be mentally squishy.
  2. to each their own Im a vet and it doesn't bother me, nor do I think it disrespects the flag
  3. they share a different viewpoint than I do; they are scum!
  4. I've never been more confident in a Falcons team than what I felt last season. Even through the dirty bird years and '91.. even through Vick era.. even our 2013 season that I thought we were for sure going to win.. I honestly believe that was the best team we've ever had and I think it laid a solid foundation to build on and get even better. So I feel basically the opposite of you.
  5. I like Poole as the starting nickel. "No need to fix what ain't broke."
  6. Mario Williams - 449 snaps (only 95 across the last 7 games [avg 13.5 a game], compared to his 264 in the first 5 games [avg 52.8]) Dwight Freeney - 415 snaps Freeney played a ton more snaps than I thought (averaging around 26 a game)
  7. I got thrashed last time I corrected it. It's up there with lose/loose as to the most common/irritating misspells, imo.
  8. all we would need to do then is trade for Todd Gurley and we'd win a superbowl!!!
  9. I think so. I'd love to see a team that uses the slot pick him up. From the few Titans games I've seen he was rarely targeted and was barely on the field.
  10. Right, he should be paid more but he signed a rookie contract.. just like every other rookie. I hate the holdout stuff; don't sign a contract you don't want. If every rookie got paid what they deserved we wouldn't be able to afford Freeman and he'd be the least of our worries.
  11. The statistic you used was an opinion.. along with the other opinions you posted.
  12. ?? He gets hurt on almost every play. I understand he's fast, he's big, he's physical.. and going down at those speeds hurts.. but cmon man.
  13. **** him and his antics. All the **** before the superbowl was unneeded petty drama. That's not brotherhood, that's selfishness. If he decides to hold out I'm all for trading him or letting him sit. Freeman is an awesome player and fun to watch.. but I honestly think anyone could succeed at that spot on our team.
  14. Hopefully we don't lose Tru. Trufant is a fan favorite (my favorite too) and has been one of the top 5 corners in the league since he's come in. With Trufant, Alford, and Collins.. we already have 3 starting outside corners. Poole at nickel (a position that has had pretty good success for us for a few years now with McClain, etc.) I understand drafting a corner to an extent, but it seems far-fetched to use our most prized #1 pick on a position that seems to be pretty strong. Ages: Trufant 26, Alford 28, Collins 23, Poole 24.. we already have a ridiculously young corps so drafting a guy to learn the system and replace someone wouldn't really be needed here.. My only idea would have been that Alford wasn't staying, but with the new contract that isn't very likely.
  15. I'm okay with never seeing it again, thanks.
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