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  1. Keep getting concussions and we'll be mentally squishy.
  2. to each their own Im a vet and it doesn't bother me, nor do I think it disrespects the flag
  3. they share a different viewpoint than I do; they are scum!
  4. I've never been more confident in a Falcons team than what I felt last season. Even through the dirty bird years and '91.. even through Vick era.. even our 2013 season that I thought we were for sure going to win.. I honestly believe that was the best team we've ever had and I think it laid a solid foundation to build on and get even better. So I feel basically the opposite of you.
  5. I like Poole as the starting nickel. "No need to fix what ain't broke."
  6. Mario Williams - 449 snaps (only 95 across the last 7 games [avg 13.5 a game], compared to his 264 in the first 5 games [avg 52.8]) Dwight Freeney - 415 snaps Freeney played a ton more snaps than I thought (averaging around 26 a game)
  7. I got thrashed last time I corrected it. It's up there with lose/loose as to the most common/irritating misspells, imo.
  8. all we would need to do then is trade for Todd Gurley and we'd win a superbowl!!!
  9. I think so. I'd love to see a team that uses the slot pick him up. From the few Titans games I've seen he was rarely targeted and was barely on the field.
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