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  1. I don't have time to go over 2700+ pages in this thread. What I have seen is republican bashing as well as name calling directed at me, but I'm a big boy. I can take it.
  2. President Trump doesn't lose arguments. He calls people names, but only when he is attacked by someone first. He is a counter puncher. That's the difference.
  3. You aren't able to begin a sentence with a capital letter. That's what I call "a tell."
  4. Keep calling me names to make yourself feel better! I'm loving it! What name is next?? The anticipation is killing me!
  5. I can tell very easily that you lean left. Lose an argument with someone and then proceed to call them typical
  6. Not nearly as much as you are since Trump is still your president, if you live in America!
  7. I've only heard republican bashing since I joined here. Very original and insightful on y'alls part!
  8. So you voted for Trump in 2016? America is a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy! The Electoral College is necessary!
  9. Maybe the house dems can vote to eliminate the Electoral College, retroactive to 2016! Maybe THAT will finally remove Trump from office
  10. "State controlled" means controlled by the government. Fox is a private corporation as well as the others that I mentioned, excluding NPR.
  11. I'm getting worked up? The dems and their lemmings told the American people for 2 years that the Mueller Report would be the nail in the coffin for President Trump. That didn't work, so they vote on a sham impeachment dragging the country through it. But I'm worked up lol
  12. That's not the definition of "state-controlled," but nice try. Fox News leans right, but there are many more dems on Fox than on CNN and MSNBC combined. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and NPR are leftist sewers.
  13. Nothing that the whiny sham dems do can remove President Trump from office. Maybe they can try to rehash the Mueller Report next, since THAT was finally going to be the end of the Trump presidency!
  14. Yeah, it's funny that the dems only want THEIR witnesses.
  15. Please enlighten me on Fox News being "state-controlled."