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  1. The ******* Mets bullpen just blew a 6 run lead and lost 11-10!!! **** the Mets and their ******* trash bullpen!!
  2. Flowers is the greatest catcher in the history of MLB!
  3. Nice pitching, Big Newk!!
  4. Yeah, Scherzer is already out of that game.
  5. Leadoff double doesn't score. Nice pitching Wilson!
  6. 2 rbi double by Bringer of Rain!!
  7. Mets now up 4-1 on gnats
  8. Bad luck right there. Oh well
  9. Wish granted!
  10. Leadoff triple by Acuna! Yessssssssss!!
  11. It just might. Maybe deGrom can throw a complete game shutout
  12. What a great matchup tonight with deGrom vs Scherzer! Two of the best pitchers in the NL. Hopefully, deGrom can throttle the gnats and the Mets win!
  13. White Sox pitchers have thrown a combined 70 pitches and have gotten 3 outs!
  14. Chip just lost his job
  15. Bench Acuna for the rest of the year.................just kidding!