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  1. I absolutely HATED that movie the first time that I saw it. The second time that I saw it, I loved it............go figure! And **** the Saints!
  2. Yeah, they lost 4 SBs in a row in the 90s...........they are due and hopefully win one on their 5th try
  3. I guess that's why some people wanted Daboll...........he makes good halftime adjustments!
  4. Mac Jones sure helped his draft status tonight: 36/45 464 yds 5 TD Very impressive national championship game for him!
  5. Very true. A lot of people were slobbering all over Fields when he played against Clemson..........not so much tonight.
  6. No, I realize that Fields isn't a god like a lot of people on TATF think..........watch Mac Jones get drafted ahead of Fields.
  7. FANTASTIC game by Mac Jones tonight!
  8. Down by 28 pts and Ohio State punts! That's some great coaching right there, Day!
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