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  1. Rest in peace Coach Knapp. From all accounts, a great human being. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!
  2. If this post has a weird slant, it was an original post. I'm afraid I got grouped in. All good! GO FALCONS!!!!
  3. Sorry to see that Coach Gibbs has passed at 80 from stroke complications. Patriarch of the zone blocking scheme and with the Falcons from 2004 - 2006. I remember hearing that on the first day of camp, he approached the receiver group and said: "If you don't block you're not going to f***ing play"! RIP Sir. GO FALCONS!!!!
  4. Bruce Pickens. Picked 3rd overall and was out of football after 4 seasons. Tony Smith. Primarily because we took him 19th with the pick we got from the Packers in the Bret Farve trade. GO FALCONS!!!!
  5. They've been away from home for a week. On the road for that week,they've won a game 7 and a game 1, so I'll give them a break! Nate is right though, it's time to step it up to the next level. Championship level!
  6. Here's hoping for full participation in the final OTA sessions. I'd love to see the whole team on the same page. What are the chances? GO FALCONS!!!!
  7. I'm excited every season. This will be the 45th for me. One of my lowest points as a fan was one off the Marion Campbell II seasons. We opened against the creamsicle Bucks in Tampa and they best us like, 45 to 10. During the post game show, one of the announcers, I believe Ahmad Rashad, said " It's impossible to say who will be in the Super Bow after game one, but you sure can say who won't be, and the Atlanta Falcons won't be." I believe that some of our most recent fans don't realize how rotton if has been,from time to time, in the past! GO FALCONS!!!!
  8. Then he probably landed on the moon! GO FALCONS!!!!
  9. Does anyone know why he missed camp? GO FALCONS!!!!
  10. I'll always remember that Falcon, Eagles joint practice back in the day. If memory serves me, it was 1986, Dan Henning and Buddy Ryan's first year as head coaches. It turned into an all out brawl to see who was dominant. Good times! GO FALCONS!!!!
  11. That was my initial reaction too. Perfunctory! GO FALCONS!!!!
  12. Two words........FRANK DARBY!!!!!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!
  13. Falcon, hopefully. If he plays another four years with two championships, all bets are off! GO FALCONS!!!!
  14. Hard to loose a Hall of Famer, but there's only one football. This strategic move was made possible by a good decision made in 2018. May the good decisions continue! GO FALCONS!!!!!
  15. These boards have been boring the last week or so. It's almost midnight, so I'll start it off. Julio to the Jets for the 2nd of their 1st round picks in 2022. Help for Zach Wilson, who will be a game 1 starter. Perhaps the team was told from the git go that if you don't practice, you don't play and Julio took it badly........ GO FALCONS!!!!
  16. I think you're right. Actually, we had success with 3 tight end sets, 13 personnel, in 2016. Hit some big plays in obvious running situations. I can think of one obvious running situation that we should have gone 13...... GO FALCONS!!!!
  17. The difference between the 2016 team and 2020 was the O line; well staffed and healthy until that, uh, LAST GAME. Both Freeman and the Defense benefited greatly. If we indeed have Matt an offensive line now I see no reason we can't make a run after the bye. GO FALCONS!!!!
  18. TF has said that there were two "Blue" players in the draft, Pitts and Lawrence. Hence the celebration. GO FALCONS!!!!
  19. I'm really hoping that everything comes together for McGary this season and he's our starting right tackle for the next 10 years. I'm in his corner, but I also believe Coach Smith that the best 5 will start! GO FALCONS!!!!
  20. I've posted before that we seemed to run better between the tackles those last 2 games when Hennessy started. Ito Smith starting was probably a factor, also. GO FALCONS!!!!
  21. Those 33 reps on the bench press should give him a pretty good head start! GO FALCONS!!!!
  22. As a Falcons fan of 44 years, I'm looking forward to Matt and Julio hoisting the Lomardi together. I will NEVER give up! GO FALCONS!!!!
  23. Out of Locus Grove HS. 5'10", 230. Straight line runner with quick feet. Situational back for short yardage, probably. Not sure of his special teams experience GO FALCONS!!!!
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