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  1. If you want to stay aggressive, stay true to yourself, I get it, but take advantage of the situation. They would expect us to run the ball, so throw off of play action or from a "13" set. We had a lot of success with 3 tight end sets that year. GO FALCONS!!!
  2. Wouldn't it be great if we finally hit on a developmental O lineman with Matt Gono! GO FALCONS!!!!
  3. We now have some extremely capable coordinators in place who have something in common. They weren't able to finish in the past, here and there, but they now have a chance for glorious redemption. The worms on this board have been wriggling in the sun for most of the season, but they're soon to be back in the dark, cool underground.Fix the lines and let's go!! GO FALCONS!!!!
  4. Bump GO FALCONS!!!!
  5. If we have Greg Knapp, (former Falcon coordinator), and Dirk Koetter, (former Falcon coordinator), let's bring back Joe DeCamillis, (you know). They were all very productive coordinators for us. I think I like it! GO FALCONS!!!!
  6. I'd love to have the Ridley brothers lined up together! A true brotherhood!! GO FALCONS!!!!
  7. We need "dawgs", like that Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks TB defense! GO FALCONS!!!!
  8. Gotcha! Thanks!! Brotherhood for all!!! GO FALCONS!!!!
  9. I don't get it, but, as you can see, I'm old! Enlightenment, please? GO FALCONS!!!!
  10. Topical! GO FALCONS!!!!
  11. As an avid fan for the past 41 years, I feel empowered to say it. Come on Julio, lets do everything in our power to finally win it all! GO FALCONS!!!!
  12. I used to enjoy watching the "barrel drill" back in the day. Chris Miller was really good at it! GO FALCONS!!!
  13. From what I've read about Calvin Ridley, his ability to go and get it, Matt needs to start practicing throwing deep ones into a barrel! With Ridley, Ito Smith and Russell Gage, opponents will truly have to cover the entire field, from the back field to the back line!! GO FALCONS!!!
  14. Ridley is the better deep threat. Carolina would be challenged to get him in ball. GO FALCONS!!!!
  15. The same thing happened with Brian Finneran. He dropped a couple of those Mike Vick reverse spin bullets before making the adjustment. GO FALCONS!!!!