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  1. I remember, back in the day, when Chris Miller was ruled not to have control of the ball during a spike, resulting in a fumble! GOFALCONS!!!!!
  2. We're getting hit in the mouth and we haven't been able to hit back. We're not playing with confidence, at this point, but things can change on a dime. I remember well our 1980 team starting out 3 and 3, then running off 9 straight! GO FALCONS!!!!
  3. When he recovers from his recent ankle surgery, let's suit him up and put him in the slot! GO FALCONS!!!!
  4. There won't be a roster spot open for him, and that's a good thing! GO FALCONS!!!!
  5. Because it's always pure speculation. We wouldn't allow it to be known that a trade is in the works, much less who we are targeting! GO FALCONS!!!!
  6. I have always felt the same about that play, Gazoo. If I'm not mistaken, the Panthers were 5 points down with 6 minutes to go,(or vice versa), in the SUPER BOWL!! Matt would have broken his neck going for that ball! That had to affect team dynamics, going forward. The QB is definately not part of their "brotherhood"! GO FALCONS!!!!
  7. Interesting that none were matched with Atlanta! GO FALCONS!!!!!
  8. There had to be an awareness on the sideline that our protections were breaking down, largely due to injuries. Matthews was not having one of his better games.The Patriots were increasingly getting pressure and Matt was having to bail out. On Julio's All Pro catch, Matt was on the run. Instead of presenting the Patriots with more opportunity to make the plays that could turn things around, bring in the tight ends, fullback, or extra tackle, then let your All Pro kicker go on to glory! GO FALCONS!!!!!
  9. I've been thinking the exact same thing, (among many other scenarios; they just won't stop!). They could bootleg Matt from that formation also, if they felt it necessary. Sometimes, you have to play the odds. Bobby Dodd became a legend that way. GO FALCONS!!!!
  10. It's all water under the bridge now, but I have been wondering why this hasn't been discussed more. There was one very good camera angle on this, when it happened. The ball came out when Mitchell was still well off the ground. The situation was just caught up in that whirlwind at the end of the game, I reckon.......
  11. It's rarely mentioned, when critiquing our defense, that we often went prevent for the entire 4th quarter. A by-product of our prolific offense that's never discussed on the national stage. GO FALCONS!!!!!
  12. Sunday, Derrick Moore on the field right before the coin toss. Amplified and tele-prompted.............."We Rise"! GO FALCONS!!!!
  13. My bad! Thanks for noticing... GO FALCONS!!!!!
  14. Aaron Rogers has an uncanny ability to avoid pressure and extend plays, got it. O line play like this certainly helps, however. This is a snap shot just prior to the "Miracle Throw" against Dallas last weekend. Status as a future Hall of Famer has it's privileges, I reckon!
  15. Before the game, the Minnesota team owner, "Red" somebody, was modeling the pre-printed championship shirts for the coaches. It was caught on film and broadcast widely afterward! GO FALCONS!!!!!