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  1. I think that they are trying to win a championship. I'm sure there have been seasons where, realistically, we were building for the future, but this isn't one of them. Maybe it's time we got behind them. GO FALCONS!!!!
  2. i think some are upset with this move because it screws up their mocks and makes draft day a little less exciting. Let's revisit the trade at the end of the year. GO FALCONS!!!!
  3. Let me re-phrase, it's possible that a pretty big contract has been signed that triggered the front office to go ahead and make these moves. It just won't be announced until free agency officially opens. GO FALCONS!!!!
  4. I wonder is any of our player releases were the result of promising negotiations from some key free agents today. Dante Fowler anyone? GO FALCONS!!!!
  5. Unfortunately, as fans, championship caliber is all we got! GO FALCONS!!!!
  6. The 2nd half we had some significant injuries, too. McKinley, Trufant, Ridley and Ito Smith we all on IR! We just need to start fast this season. GO FALCONS!!!!
  7. I'm with you! Starting a new year in NFL. Let's finally get that championship! GO FALCONS!!!!
  8. Couldn’t agree more! If we do trade up, I think Isaiah Simmons would be a great fit. GO FALCONS!!!!
  9. My point exactly! The front office is pretty good at masking their intentions. GO FALCONS!!!!
  10. I think there’s a plan in place to field a championship caliber team. They’ve done it before! GO FALCONS!!!!
  11. One reason they did so was to cover the glaring hole at OG prior to the draft! GO FALCONS!!!!
  12. Could well be! I'd be very surprised if we don't address, prior to the draft, that one end wasn't resigned and another is coming off a third shoulder surgery, GO FALCONS!!!!
  13. Planned expenditure for defensive end. GO FALCONS!!!!
  14. I really believe that we are about to address defensive end in free agency. It's a priority not to go into the draft with a glaring weakness,as to avoid being out maneuvered, The team has done a pretty good job of this in the past. Start with the slotted Vic Beasley money and find a way to enhance it! GO FALCONS!!!!
  15. I think that there is a plan in place to field a Championship caliber team, like the organization has done in the past, and I'm excited for the season, But that's just me, apparently..... GO FALCONS!!!!