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  1. Since 1978, I can count on 1 hand the games I've missed, either in person or on TV. 2016 was supernatural! Our current team truly has a chance and that's all we can ask for. I fully expect us to win Sunday! GO FALCONS!!!!
  2. Have the worms wiggled back into the ground? I fully expect us to win Sunday night! If we don't, we'll have lost to two of the more physical teams in the League and concern will be justified.... GO FALCONS!!!!
  3. I like Deion! I'd like him more if he would have re-signed with us after his rookie contract and helped win a championship!! GO FALCONS!!!!
  4. You would expect cut down players to sign with the team that originally signed them, unless enticed elsewhere by more money. More intrigue and calculation for the Front Office! GO FALCONS!!!!
  5. I didn't realize that practice squad players are guaranteed a salary of at least $8,000.00 per game week, but it isn't capped. Teams can pay a member much more. Is this new for 2019? Do these salaries count against the cap? This will really factor in over the next few hours! GO FALCONS!!!!
  6. Not to pile on, but has he had a touch back on a kick off yet this pre-season? GO FALCONS!!!!
  7. Our entire O line was beaten up pretty well there at the end. I often wonder, if Shanahan had called plays from the sideline, he would have seen it in their eyes and called that final 4th quarter sequence differently. He had plenty of success from the box though!
  8. Interesting article in the local "rag" today by Sierra Webster. I knew that our short yardage offense wasn't stout the last 3 seasons, but I didn't realize that the Falcons couldn't convert on 3rd and 1 seven times in Super Bowl LI. Forgive me for saying that things might have been different if we had converted just 1 of those! Hopefully, it's now fixed. GO FALCONS!!!!
  9. Since it's come to light that Coach Quinn was unhappy with the defensive line play last year, there may be more to Bryant Young's departure than we realized. Pulling for Coach Simpson and the team! GO FALCONS!!!!
  10. Does anyone know if Vic has ever worked with Chuck Smith? GO FALCONS!!!!
  11. Agree totally! We'll have one of the best DC's in the league this year. Just trying to establish a point! GO FALCONS !!!!
  12. The "O" Line is how you get things going your way. I don't think many of us will mind winning 38 to 24, if we have to! GO FALCONS!!!!
  13. We could put together an "O" Line like we've rarely had before! GO FALCONS!!!!
  14. It's called, not going into the draft with glaring needs! GO FALCONS!!!!
  15. He could sell the play action, though! Of course, it helped having Jam in the backfield!! GO FALCONS!!!!