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  1. And then Matt wins the Championship for his new team. Our heads would explode!! GO FALCONS!!!!
  2. Coach Cutter has fielded some great offenses over the last decade. Hope it continues for a decade more. GO FALCONS!!!!
  3. The 2017 season seems to be discounted around here, but we fielded another championship caliber team. GO FALCONS!!!!
  4. I've been thinking the same thing. Things come in cycles, you know! GO FALCONS!!!!
  5. I hear you, but even if Byrant misses the kick, we still would have had a much better chance of winning by making NE burn their time outs. I agree with another fan who said if wanted to stay aggressive, do so off of play action. How about a flea flicker on 1st down, hitting Julio in the corner? GO FALCONS!!!!
  6. I feel the primary cause was the secondary. They were playing fast and physical, running hard, but were running to the wrong spot. Although Oliver turned things around, and I feel he's going to be a good player in the league, he wasn't quite ready yet. As a result, the ball was usually coming out on the QB's first read, leaving no time for our pass rush to be effective. If one part breaks down, you get a result like 1 - 8. GO FALCONS!!!!
  7. I like that he coordinated a championship caliber offense in 2012. Pulling for him to do it again! GO FALCONS!!!!
  8. Excellent article by someone who truly follows the team and is intellectually honest. Thanks so much for posting, Goober!! GO FALCONS!!!!
  9. We stayed put in every round. When's the last time that happened? GO FALCONS!!!!
  10. WTF! Let's do it! GO FALCONS!!!!
  11. Is J.R. Reed still available? GO FALCONS!!!!
  12. If Hennessy can start at LG, things are going to be going our way! GO FALCONS!!!
  13. I wonder what John Lynch's 40 time was. Could Marlon Davidson be our Warren Sapp? GO FALCONS!!!!
  14. There sure is a lot of negativity towards our front office about the selection of A.J. Terrell. Kinda reminds me of the 2016 draft when we had pick #17 and heard the same crap; over reach, could have had him in the 2nd. The injuries have been unfortunate, but he sure proved the naysayers wrong that 1st year! Hope this years selection turns out as well! GO FALCONS!!!!
  15. I like them, but we should probably withhold final judgement until we see the entire team dressed out on the field, with the coaches and staff decked out in their new sideline gear. GO FALCONS!!!!
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