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  1. I hope they gave you the two finger exam , for the second opinion....
  2. Here is another http://www.reuters.com/article/2009/06/04/us-healthcare-bankruptcy-idUSTRE5530Y020090604 Since when does the US look at how other countries do things.
  3. Of course she can ?? From your original post : '' Now she's holding a really expensive contact weapon.'' That's not what you implied.
  4. Reading threads like this one reminds me where I'm posting.
  5. Reading threads like this one reminds me where I'm posting.
  6. I think his is point was to scare the intruder away, secondly why can't she reload?
  7. Ya those ice cubes must come out nice the other end . smh
  8. The only time I see black people is when I watch American TV.
  9. From something I read Are they illegal? No. Are they highly regulated? Yes. Contrary to popular belief, fully automatic weapons are NOT illegal. They are however HIGHLY regulated. Full auto weapons have been regulated with three different pieces of legislation. The first was the National Firearms Act of 1934, then the Gun Control Act of 1968, and finally the Hughes Amendment in 1986. In essence, what these three laws have done is to say respectfully that fully automatic firearms must be taxed and regulated, cannot be imported from outside the United States, and can no longer manufacture and/or
  10. Yes Flip because according to you Canada is made up of 100% white Caucasians with no cultural diversity whatsoever. Ignorance is truly bliss with you.
  11. Yes flip u win I hope this small victory can be the highlight of your week. I suggest you print out this thread and post it up in your bedroom wall beside your GI JOE figurines and remember, terrorists are rich people hence proving that rich people can commit crimes too.
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