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  1. The world ends in 2012 anyways. That's what the TV keeps telling me.
  2. Are you mental? Everyone knows that Dallas and the Giants had to loose out AND Falcons had to win out in order for us to make the playoffs. Considering the Gmen and Cowboys beat us! Sorry we are out bud! Though we can completely focus on our D for the draft and look forward to back to back winning seasons. Ill still be rooting on my dirty birds tomorrow as if it were week 1! Go birds! Cant wait to see yall next year in Seattle and San Fran! rh
  3. Exactly! Any key injuries tonight? I've been busy with the OSU vs UO game tonight!
  4. Like I said, check the schedules. There are no "meltdowns" needed. Eagles (vs. @Falcons, Broncos, @Cowboys) and Packers (vs. Ravens, @Steelers, @Cards) could easily easily drop 3 of their last 6 games and the Giants have a tough schedule ahead (Dallas, Eagles, @Minn). Im thinking worse case scenario 9-7 could do it for us. And that was my point. But obviously 10-6 is better.
  5. Prediction: If we can win at least 4 of our last 6, this includes a win over the Eagles and a Eagles win over the Giants, we should be able to sneak past the Giants and Eagles and tie the Packers with a 9-7 Wild Card entry. Eagles and Packers could easily easily drop 3 of their last 6 games and the Giants have a tough schedule ahead. If stars align we could be facing a Saints or Vikings dome team. Both of which we can use up their secondary. The power of positive thinking!
  6. I'll go first... Ryan Grant @ Detroit or Ray Rice vs Pit _____ My other starter is Ricky Williams @ Buffalo. All the projections put Ray Rice before Grant, but can Rice put up better numbers against the number 1 rush defense than Grant can against the Lions?
  7. ***Please remember to "Reply" to a message when answering and please after you have asked question, look around and see if there is any advice you can give. Make this a GIVE - GIVE forum.*** Anyone (everyone) play fantasy football? If you have questions or advice on who to start, fair trades, etc. etc. ask them here. Seems so many forums have that "me first" mentality and no questions are ever resolved. LETS KEEP IT IN THE FALCONS' FAMILY. And help each other win in our leagues. ***Please remember to "Reply" to a message when answering and please after you have asked question, look around an
  8. We're losing by an average of 10.4 points. Field goals are huge, banged up Defense doesn't help. Turner. Enough said. All of these missing elements add up to having an elite team. We're there, and growing, just need to stay healthy. As down as we get after any of these losses, it's good to know that in seven days we'll forget the past and focus on THAT game! Seeing what the Falcons have been through the last decade and where we are headed, we really have no reasons to be down! Let's win some games, get some help, and shock the world in the playoffs!!!
  9. Yeah we have terrible numbers on 3rd downs! It's definitely one of our weakest attributes on defense. But you have to keep in mind our defense is banged up and there are a lot of guys that should be out there that arent. We could be having a whole different discussion right now if it werent for a few key defensive injuries.
  10. Bad loss by the Bears. That now puts us behind the Packers, Giants, and Eagles in the Wild Card hunt. They all stand at 6-4. Bummer!
  11. Hate to be too redundant but until nights I never really looked at the actual numbers and they don't lie. Hope they look into this situation this week.
  12. Elam has the worst FG percentage in the NFL at 62%, outside of two backup kickers for Tampa Bay which stand at 2 for 6 and the other at 0 for 1. Elam is 10 for 16. Time to part ways. Can anyone argue against it? Elam is not the total reason we're loosing but he's not helping.
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