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  1. You never know what can happen. The game could be 9 - 6 for all we know. People are getting way too butthurt about these predictions.
  2. It was probably worth it. Although I will say that during the 1st round of the 2012 NFL draft, Luke Kuekly, Dontari Poe, and Fletcher Cox were still available. That might of helped us on defense, but then again you never know who we would of drafted.
  3. Does anyone know where to get a physical copy of todays paper? I don't live in Atlanta and I would love to get a copy of one.
  4. Matt Ryan statistically has been playing better than Rodgers. But lets be honest, do you think Matt Ryan is actually better than Aaron Rodgers?
  5. I guess I'm just nitpicking cause I'm super nervous about this weekend haha. Love this team and just want to see them finally get to the big dance.
  6. Seattle definitely played better than the score indicated. They were very close to making the game even, we just outplayed them a little better and got a little bit of "luck" here and there. For example the Devin Hester run that got called back for a hold which then lead to a safety because one of their OLmen stepped on Wilsons foot. Matt Ryan threw a few very sketchy lobs which almost got picked twice, and one which wasn't his fault due to Gabriel/Ryan miscommunication. Also at one point in the 4th quarter I believe Shanahan called 3 pass plays in a row which ended up in a 3 and out and
  7. I'm just hoping GB don't capitalize on our mistakes. Last week we got a few things our way, thus is football. Matt Ryan almost threw 3 picks from what I saw during the game ( one of which was not his fault because Gabriel wasn't paying attention ). As long as Matt zips those balls to our receivers I have high confidence in our team! Lets go baby!
  8. Roddy wasn't wrong at the time. Kyle DID mismanage a couple of games, he got too greedy and ****** up. Obviously its not entirely his fault but alot of the blame was on him. People are putting Kyle on a pedestal and acting like he is perfect is insane to me. The guy is great don't get me wrong, but he isn't some mastermind that calls a perfect game every game.
  9. I'm not blaming the OC directly, but it could of been a designed play where there is only one read. OR it could of just been Matt Ryan trying to force the throw mixed in with great CB play. I'm just saying this because I love Matt Ryan and I want him to have a ridiculously good season, not just him either the entire team!. I love the Falcons, and I guess I demand perfection haha. I just don't want any regression cause I'm loving this like its 2012 all over again, but better!
  10. I love Matt Ryan right now. But I will say that he did have only a couple of forced passes in which he shouldn't of done. It was possible that it was KS playcalling, but he threw the ball right into Aqib Talib and Chris Harris's hands yesterday. Got very lucky they didn't catch either one of those balls.
  11. I'm just hoping he keeps his head level and continues to adjust late into the season.
  12. I was really happy to see 2 3 and outs when we tried to force the pass on consecutive drives. Kyle didn't keep up his stubborness, and went right back to the run because that was what was working. Last year he would of kept on trying to force the pass and eventually got us in bad situations.
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