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  1. Finally, someone who actually knows how to spell his name lol Blaylock is par for course around here and these cretins expect other posters to take them seriously
  2. This is Grimes last season in ATL. TD surely isnt dumb enough to sign a 30 year old corner to a 4+ year deal. Give him his 10M for the season, wait for Owens/Franks to develop a bit more and wave goodbye...
  3. Yeah lets draft a TE that wont see the field much with pick 55 but, but we need TG to mentor him!!11!! TG will prolly pad up for another season after this one and the pick will be a huge waste for both team and player
  4. I see us trading down from 55 for another pick the way things are going. 3rd- Alameda Ta'amu 3rd- Zebrie Sanders Something like that anyway
  5. Sounds like a TD type draft pick. Dude has had a knee injury
  6. I would like a link to this. WTF would a franchise sign a 34 year old to a 2 year deal instead of a 'Pro Bowl' caliber LT that is 28 years old? I understand continuity, but simply dont buy it. If you have a chance to upgrade, you do. Period.
  7. Sorry g-dawg, Go ahead and keep posting thread after thread about who we just HAVE to have to improve... TD really needs to visit these boards to find out what to do next, dude must suck not hiring someone 31 other GM's wont touch with a barge pole
  8. Thanks for making my point. Obviously TD and 31 other GM's dont think he can upgrade the position for them
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