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  2. How many Ws do the Falcons have over the last decade thanks to Matt Bryant! so many they are COUNTLESS! Don't have that much faith in the goofball thats been kicking this preseasn. Willing to give Walsh a shot, but still don't have a good reason not to bring back Bryant
  3. and in two months when those "Bring Back Money Matt!" chants from the fans turn into "Fire Dan Quinn!" chants because our record sucks because we've lost several games because the kicker has missed game winning field goals, we will all know why won;t we?
  4. I was hoping they misspelled "K Matt Bryant"
  5. I have quit Twitter recently, HOWEVER I AM WILLING TO COME BACK if we all agree to constantly Tweet Blank, Dimtroff, Quinn, and the Falcons Twitter account NONSTOP #BringBackMoneyMatt until they do same!
  6. PUT HIM IN! Atlanta football fans are SICK & TIRED of watching Matt Simms CHOKE in the 4th quarter of a ball game no matter if its in a second rate league or the NFL preseason!
  7. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Succaneers gonna Succaneer!
  8. seriously though: If September comes and THE TAM is just as "butthurt" as much as the Aints fans are, then 2019 will be a dark and crappy season for Nawlins and a BEAUTIFUL B E A-tiful one in the ATL!
  9. here's to hoping the Legends suck up all the football bad karma on Badstreet USA and The Falcons have a good run of good luck for a while!
  10. Who ever tweeted this went FULL STUPID. NEVER GO FULL STUPID!
  12. So Arizona loves stealing our catchphrase (Rise Up) and loves them some Falcons' sloppy seconds? Next thing you know they're gonna talk about having a brotherhood over there!
  13. Might as well they throw a parade for almost everything else down there: New Years Mardi Gras Christmas Someone farts and it smells like Gumbo Literally ANYTHING warrants a parade down Bourbon Street
  14. BIG CHUNK of the DEAD WEIGHT on Badstreet USA is GONE! Mediocrity and sub-mediocrity BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE in the ATL! I LOVE IT! Now its time to sned everyone except Mack and Matthews on the offensive line to the unemployment line, along with either Trufant OR Alford (the other should be traded.) Hardy needs to go and I'm on the fence on whether or not Bruce Irvin deserves an invite back to Flowery Branch. And I'll be darned if Devonta Freeman doesn't need to be told how important it is that he come to camp 100% healthy, in shape, and ready to play ball PRESEASON GAME ONE! Speaking of preseason, If Quinn craps away the preseason like he has done in the past, he shouldn't be allowed to see the regular season. But the brainless talentless coordinators are gone and Quinn is taking over the defense, so thats a great place to start at!