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  1. was more than happy to retweet my disdain for his tweet
  2. I'd let the entire team know from the coaches to the stars down to the waterboy: For the rest of the year you all are on a week to week basis as far as your "spot" and your job with the team. Win or lose if you fail to meet expectations, the next thing you will meet is the door that will lead you out of Atlanta via trade or cut! The "cool" babysitters that put up with sucking are gone!
  3. I'm waiting on a Matt Ryan jersey. I ordered it in May. Had I known it would be weeks if not months before it was going to be delivered, I would have waited
  4. Pending the Rona doesn't screw things up, now that the schedule is out, what game or games will you all be attending this season I am planning on going to the season opener against the SeaChickens in Atlanta, although I'm not certain I will bring the Riseup Avenger gimmick with me. I'll be hanging out with the girl who helped make me a Falcons fan and I don't know if she's ready to meet The Avenger yet. But I have purchased a new mask..... just in case
  5. until the day I died and then my ghost would haunt the crap out of the Superdome in New Orleans by whispering "The Falcons won the Super Bowl!" every other minute
  6. beating the dog crap out of Brady, Gronk, and the Succaneers in both games
  7. I'm stuck somewhere between "Those who fail to learn from history are ****ed to repeat it," and "No cause is lost if there is but 1 fool left to fight for it!"

  8. I am so excited for this season. Its been a couple of years since I've been to a game and I'm planning on going to at least 1 home game and maybe the game in Kansas City! Gonna be a great season for The Riseup Avenger folks!
  9. couldn't happen to a better guy! He screwed us Super Bowl 51 week by taking the 49er job DURING GAME WEEK and then he LOST THE PLAYBOOK BEFORE THE GAME! Scammin' Kyle Shanahan is the arcitect of the two WORST 2ND HALF COLLAPSES in Super Bowl history! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Congratulations Kyle! You get what you pay forty-Winers!
  10. How many Ws do the Falcons have over the last decade thanks to Matt Bryant! so many they are COUNTLESS! Don't have that much faith in the goofball thats been kicking this preseasn. Willing to give Walsh a shot, but still don't have a good reason not to bring back Bryant
  11. and in two months when those "Bring Back Money Matt!" chants from the fans turn into "Fire Dan Quinn!" chants because our record sucks because we've lost several games because the kicker has missed game winning field goals, we will all know why won;t we?
  12. I have quit Twitter recently, HOWEVER I AM WILLING TO COME BACK if we all agree to constantly Tweet Blank, Dimtroff, Quinn, and the Falcons Twitter account NONSTOP #BringBackMoneyMatt until they do same!
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