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  1. I am going to work on my "reputation" -47 is no good for me.

  2. I love the Huskies. I am proud of what the football program has become. They have a bright future. As for basketball, they just lost alot of their starters. They are young, and give it 2 years and I see another National Title run.

  3. im live in wv and im a uconn huskie fan so we have a little bit in common

  4. i read your post way to go mike

  5. i loved your post about the vick fans your on the top of things

  6. you know ATLFalcon556 you is alright.......but i live in west virginia almost same story except on my ages i was a lil older

  7. no im not bored i was seiing what they were saying about us

  8. i know but they were dissing us and i just didnt think it was right.....and i was trying to give you fans that are gone to the game something to yell about

  9. do you not like houston or dallas?


  11. i was just curious

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