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  1. ughhhh I have a friend from Ohio who never even has sniffed OSU's campus let alone attended college there and he will be absolutely insufferable to be around tomorrow >.<
  2. EXCELLENT joke. 10/10 would read (and laugh at) again
  3. LSU gets screwed by a no call on a fake FG for a TD play that barely broke the plane before the runner's knee hit the ground, but the refs apparently went blind during the duration of the play review
  4. beat me to it. Thank you, you have some actual sense. People just love to forget how many dropped ******* passes have occurred this year, especially for TDs. It's ******* ridiculous
  5. I'd drink to that Heath Evans' commentary of this oh-so-satisfying win.... but it's still a bit too early for that
  6. knee-jerk threads are totes adorable
  7. But why compound the situation with more negativity? Even if it is realistic negativity... Just wondering is all, no vitriol behind the statement.
  8. mental illness truly is heartbreaking to witness..
  9. Buffalo Wild Wings in New Orleans likely pressed "that button" to trigger the micro-chip in their ref's brain to initiate bull$hit flag
  10. Refs to the Saints' rescue again!
  11. i just felt so emotionless when they f ucked away another lead. Coaching was the mortal wound today, and the salt in that wound was the oh-so-prevalent reminder that the defense has a penchant for falling apart in the final seconds. Make no mistake, they put up admirable efforts on defense, I'm not holding them at fault. But yeah, I just never thought another coach could top Les Miles' clock management skillz
  12. expect absolutlely nothing positive of the falcons every week and it makes all of these f uck-jobs easier to bear. That way, you either get what you expected or get completely surprised by that ever so elusive "W"
  13. Just keep in mind that the reasons for all of those losses are essentially similar. v. Falcons, Colston fumbles in OT, Falcons are in business, G.W field goal v. Browns, Saints defensive miscues or i don't even know what, leading to that ridiculously wide open Browns WR on the final drive, enabling Browns to boot in a gimme field goal. v. Lions, Brees throws a critical 4th quarterINT, although the Saints got screwed by that 4th down PI call that extended the Lions drive. The Saints love to beat themselves, apparently. Does playing on the road increase the likelihood of their critical mistakes? Perhaps... I certainly can't see them making those mistakes in the Superdome.
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