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  1. ughhhh I have a friend from Ohio who never even has sniffed OSU's campus let alone attended college there and he will be absolutely insufferable to be around tomorrow >.<
  2. EXCELLENT joke. 10/10 would read (and laugh at) again
  3. LSU gets screwed by a no call on a fake FG for a TD play that barely broke the plane before the runner's knee hit the ground, but the refs apparently went blind during the duration of the play review
  4. beat me to it. Thank you, you have some actual sense. People just love to forget how many dropped ******* passes have occurred this year, especially for TDs. It's ******* ridiculous
  5. I'd drink to that Heath Evans' commentary of this oh-so-satisfying win.... but it's still a bit too early for that
  6. knee-jerk threads are totes adorable
  7. But why compound the situation with more negativity? Even if it is realistic negativity... Just wondering is all, no vitriol behind the statement.
  8. mental illness truly is heartbreaking to witness..
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