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  1. I saw this on Reddit but I thought you guys would appreciate it.
  2. I would much rather have Anquan Boldin investing that much money in Sanu.
  3. Crossing fingers for Cody Prewitt in the 7th.
  4. Any chance Dawson falls to us in the 4th?
  5. I am cool with this. Now just trade back into the second for Paul Dawson and we will be set on D.
  6. I would like to see us take Tevin Coleman or Paul Dawson
  7. Could be the fact that he only played one game last year. I know stats are deceiving but his stats from 2013 look pretty good.
  8. Harbaugh for our next head coach, Rex for DC, and Trestman for OC. We would be set.
  9. Some of you are forgetting that Hester was originally a CB and da Bears just kinda threw him in at wide receiver because he was a playmaker at special teams so he was pretty raw at the time and they wanted him to do too much too fast. There really isn't any pressure on Hester here and he wont be going up against the #1 or #2 CBs.
  10. I would be thrilled with this. I feel like tampa may take Mack if he falls to them. Lovie's system needs good linebackers and having David and Mack would make the bucs defense pretty beastly.
  11. um this would be amazing but i just don't see it happening. I would rather see us give up a 3rd round pick this year and another pick next year.
  12. Jaguars head into free agency with some momentum: reached agreement with former Seahawks DT Red Bryant on a 4-yr deal. per Adam Schefter's twitter
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