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  1. I would love to have something like this, or any kind of giant Falcons painting/poster in general (except the Ray Edwards and stripper one ). http://p.twimg.com/Ap2PLKlCMAAGn4E.jpg How do I even go about finding out about this or any other Falcons art?
  2. So....I shouldn't wear one of my 3 Vick jerseys??..... Sadly, I do own 3. Need to get me a Spoon jersey soon.
  3. I live in Omaha. Yes. Huskers are a religion around here since we have no pro teams and there are no other Div 1 college teams.
  4. Yep...I've never met another Falcons fan around here...and no stores sell their gear unless it's an all NFL store...AND I have to find ways around watching every non-national game (without having Sunday Ticket). It's a Bizznatch. EVERYONE is a Packers, Chiefs, or Broncos fan.
  5. I'm for sure down. Meeting other Falcon fans there would make it that much better, especially for my first ever NFL game.
  6. How far do you travel? Only about a 3.5 hour drive for me.
  7. I'm not sure if those or the Packers have worse throwbacks. Gross.
  8. My girlfriend and I plan on going to our first NFL game (a first for each of us). We live in Nebraska and I have been a Falcons fan since I started watching football. She is just a fan because I am Anyway, I was curious if anyone has been there as a fan of the visiting team and just how mean/rude they are. My best friend is a Steelers fan and he said he has had beer cans and crap thrown at him (One time his Dad got one thrown at him and his dad yelled ""****, you have a better arm than your quarterback!") Anyway, just wondering what to expect so any information is helpful.
  9. This is an awful year for Free Agents in my opinion. The quality of players isn't great.
  10. Just read on Falcoholic that we won't be going after Edwards but instead the Eagles will be going after him. I can't say I'm THAT upset, I think Edwards is over rated. I think he was only good because of the line he was with in Minnesota. Does this mean we are going for Charles Johnson or nobody at all?
  11. Dilfer is the biggest dumbass on TV aside from Mark May. Dilfer hates Atlanta for no reason.
  12. Yeah I would like it if we could finish games. More games like the Arizona game would be nice, but I guess we can't complain about our W column. It might come back to bite us in the *** at the worst time though.
  13. Anyone think Bryant still has the leg for a 60 yarder? I think his long is 62 if I remember correctly in 2006. It looked like (on TV) that his 51 yard FG last night had PLENTY of extra room to spare (not to mention right on target). Would the coaching staff let him attempt a 60 yarder? I think he still might have it.
  14. I think you gotta go with Anderson. Dude was considered a bust by almost everyone and now he's out their stuffing running backs like they're a church bulletin.
  15. Actually I didn't hear it here first. I picked Steelers vs. Falcons in the Super Bowl before the preseason and I'm sticking to that.
  16. I was thinking this as well. Overall, the entire line was awesome on pass protection. Running the ball, not so much. We need to find a way to run on a 3-4 defense because we will most likely play one in the Super Bowl. Though, if Roddy and Matty can hook up like they did, maybe we don't need to run.
  17. Roddy even admitted he got away with it. His post game interview he said "I stuffed the db and he fell down." Yet everyone here will still say no contact was made.
  18. Thanks for having a legitimate and civil post instead of calling me a Saints fan.
  19. Obviously. Was that the first time Ryan threw over 40 times? He handled that game like a champion.
  20. I think we can honestly go 13-3 from here. I think we will lose to the Saints just because they will be here for revenge and they always give us a hard time. Other than that, I can see us winning every game as long as we don't blow the lead like we have in the past 3-4 games.
  21. When did I apologize for winning? I never once said we shouldn't have won the game. There's no telling what could have happened.
  22. Dumb idea. I got neg'd about 50 points for saying Roddy's last TD was a penalty and was accused of being a Saints or Bucs fan. It's ridiculous how dumb some people on here are when you say something bad about the Falcons. I'm as big of fan as anybody. But I also don't have to be blind to everything else.
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