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  1. Your team and especially your back up Redman played a GREAT game for someone who's been sitting on the bench most of his career,yes he did a bit of staring down,but you can't learn to read defenses unless you've been playing in the pocket with some regularity. The Falcons are fortunate to have him as a back-up. Also I thought Snelling did a good job.Yes he got stuffed when it mattered,but Vilma is monster,so there is no disgrace there,,and don't think there wasn't an element of luck in that play. Besides QB i believe the secondary is the most skilled aspect of NFL play,against Drew Brees your fill ins did OK. Most years the Saints suck,and I've been waiting over three decades for them to pay me back for all the torture they have laid on me.So maybe the checks in the mail..I'll find out in a few weeks. Next season I see a tight race between Falcons,Bucs and Saints..I think the Panthers will still suck. But I can assure you Saints fans are much more excited than Colts fans,because winning is a new experience bob.
  2. I've been stick with the Saints all my life. As previously said you support your team,put bags over your head but still show up and support them.In the end maybe you'll be rewarded maybe you won't..That's sports. That's why they take to the field. Your team fell fell short this year,you have a very good prospect in a young QB a good running game,and a defense that showed so great stuff today.AND back-up QB was close to being very good. I know this sounds strange but sports is one of the way Gog teaches us lessons. One to humble is loss and 2 to control ego while winning. Now for a glass of wine..thank you for having me on your board. bob
  3. Hello Everybody, Your team is good.And Having Redmond in your back pocket is a plus. I think now that the Saints have at least a bye week and one home field advantage,they will ease up on what they show,and games will be close. Sean Payton knows there is an energy reserve in his players and he must calibrate what he shows and expects from his players till the play-offs..Then show everything and expect full output from all. He will play the injury card to the max. Although I believe he wants 16-0.It's his second priority.Winning in the play-offs is #1 . He will rest strategic players even if if it means coughing up a game,once bye and both games are Home field advantage. Thank You again for your gracious reception. I look forward to our rivalry next year, God bless you all bob
  4. Hello rounz, Yes , when the NFL is not on I try to help out on Sundays because it's their major cleaning day.During NFL season I pick a weekday and help with walking the dogs and helping with adoption procedures. The Humane society here in Gainesville is one of the best,due to the fact U of F veterinary students can do part of their interning here to earn academic credit. However being a college town the number of animals abandoned is far above most cities because uncaring students leave their pets when they finish their schooling. Here's our link http://www.alachuahumane.org/home/ thanks bob .
  5. Throw the judges in jail and set the pot-heads free.
  6. Thank you all for the warm reception ,during my last visit. I know it's tough going when your team is not doing well. Please remember I am an expert on bad teams being a lifelong Saints fan. After all the suffering they have put me through they owe me I know the cards are stack against you,this year,,but Matt Ryan is the real deal. And I see a great rivalry in the up coming years. His injuries combined with the usual sophomore slump is just the nature of the NFL. And I see your running game really catching fire,if your coaches keep their act together,and build the team around QB.Patience is a hard to swallow virtue. It is likely you will have to chalk this season up. I have chalked up about 32 seasons so I know how it feels. I was hoping to log on earlier this week and talk x's and O's but family and work kept me sidetrack. I would also like to once again send my condolences to your board member who recently lost his wife,and remind him I share his grief through the recent loss of both my parents. best wishes bob
  7. Hello Everybody, I usually don't post to an opposing teams board after a game,but limiting the amount of new threads is not the way to go.That's censorship. And secondly fans from the opposing team will tend to start posting introductions and their opinions a few days before the game and there will be a period where new threads increase. Not all fans from the opposition are trolls. Some just like to talk football.And all NFL boards have built in trolls that claim to be fans of their team. The only way to stop excessive repetitive threads is through moderation. To bad the moderators can't give on the spot I.Q tests Anyway I always felt welcome on your board and think your team has some problems but a good future and a QB who is on a learning curve that will result in a very good team in short order. Remember I'm an expert on bad teams being a lifelong Saints fan,,and your team is not bad,just working out the kinks with sophomore QB.It's not the end of the world. Best wishes in future games and I'll see you all in a few weeks. bob
  8. 1. You Have to control the clock. Many overlook this aspect of the game, against certain teams it's not an important stat.Against a Blitzkrieg attack of Drew Brees it's a must. 2.You have no choice, You must establish a run game,if it's not working, keep trying. 3.Do not test the Saints secondary,unless you see an obvious blown coverage. Greer, Harper,and Sharper are experts in hiding coverages against young QB's who are still developing an eye for complex defensive down-field schemes. 4.On your passing game,keep it short to intermediate, if you throw long the above mentioned will make you pay.I think Matt Ryan is good QB and possible on his way to being a great QB,but he still is young and learning and needs to coached down against certain teams. 5.Aaron Stecker, I love him as a player, get him in the game immediately, He's lived his career in the shadows of others.He's now has a chance to truly show his talent against his former teammates.He can be a bulldozer..I saw a game where Mccallister went down Bush was playing like S..t he came in taped up from head to toes grimacing in pain.. took the teem on his back and went up the middle for about 140 yds..If he's stayed in shape your in for a treat,,if givin the opportunity.And Oh Yeh he catches the ball out of the backfield A Lot. Well I could go on an on.. Do I think the Saints win tonight, Yes But I certainly don't thin it's a give in..The Falcons are playing well and if there on tonight and don't make mistakes they have a preety good chance to win. This will be my last post, So best wishes for the rest of the season. I'll log back on when we meet in Atlanta Thank you for having me on your board. bob
  9. And let's not forget about about rimm job Tony Romo gets whenever he has a good day.
  10. There's truth in that statement.I spent my childhood in S.Florida and never understood what being a real fan was till I moved to New Orleans in the early eighties.South Florida probably has has a population near 5 million and the games are almost always blacked out.Pre-Katrina New Orleans metro had 1.6 million,now its about 1.1 million The fan base really is dedicated.It opened my eyes to the sport and I got hooked. For the most part the Saints have really sucked and been an NFL doormat,,but the fans always bought the tickets. It is my belief the fan dedication is second most dedicated fan base in the NFL behind Green Bay,another small market. I freely admit the city is absolutely nuts about the team even when their bad,which is most of the time,Now that their winning it's insanity. bob
  11. Aaron Stecker was hired for 2 reasons.He's good running back and will help your team immediately.He smart and tough and can get you 4 or 5 yards right up the middle,and he can catch the ball. I always admired his character,he never complained about being listed 3rd or 4th on the depth chart.But when called on he almost always comes through. He's good to excellent on the return game special teams.He tough as nails and will play injured. The second reason is he has the Saints playbook.
  12. Everything you said is wrong.Since just about everybody has a Internet connection part of the game is visiting the opposing teams board to talk about the upcoming game.I've been doing for years and have made a few "cyber friends" who welcome me back on their board when we re-match. The anonymous nature of the Internet brings out the worst in some people ,things they would never say to a person in real life,face to face. As far as smack talk goes, I think it's ok as long as its about the team and not the person your responding to. Manners and respect are something some people forget when the post because they are invisible behind their keyboard. However it is my belief we are accountable for everything we say and do. best wishes bob
  13. Best wishes for you and your family.I share your grief as I have recently lost both my parents. You'll never get over it.But somehow you will learn to live it. And things do get better. I know it's artificial but the VA put me on adivan (a tranquilizer) like Valium for a few month's and it really helped. I will mention you in my prayers tonight. bob
  14. Please allow me to elaborate on this issue: In human anatomy, the "taint" is generally defined as the surface region in both males and females between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx.
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