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  1. I would be shocked if the anonymous player wasn't talking about Mike Nolan
  2. he looks the same as he always does, just hasn't dropped the ball yet.
  3. I can mock his coverage abilities all day, but I will never question that he goes 100% all the time.
  4. just some random thoughts on what is needed in the offseason because im bored on monday morning.... 1) Free Safety- DeCoud is just not that good. decent at stopping the run but he cannot cover anyone to save his life. he is a solid backup but nothing more. 2) O-Line-....ALL OF THEM. Mcclure is old and will likely retire soon...the rest of the o-line outside of Clabo is pretty bad and honestly probably even worse than the sum of their parts. the entire left side of the line needs to be rebuilt. Baker will be cut for sure and Hawley/Reynolds/Blalock have all sucked this year. Svitek is a
  5. I like Mora. He is a good college coach and announcer, just not cut out to be an NFL HC at this point. he is still pretty young so maybe that will change. good luck to him
  6. we should have no problem beating the Vikings without him. if we can't win this week without Julio then we have bigger problems anyway.
  7. it seems to be a little of not getting open and a little of Matt constantly underthrowing the deep passes. in OT last week HD had both guys beat but Matt underthrew the pass which made it look like he was draped in coverage. It is stuff like that killing us.
  8. people are still hating on Roddy for some reason. to me he is the unsung hero from the game yesterday. he was interfered with twice on passes near the endzone which gave us the ball on the 1 yard line. without the PI he makes both catches easily and his stats look a lot better than they did. he was obviously battling that hamstring injury thru most of the first 5 games and the drops were bad but I think it's pretty clear that he will get back to his normal self soon.
  9. People seem to be forgetting that two of our touchdowns were the direct results of Defensive Pass Interference on balls Roddy would have caught for touchdowns. he made both of those scores happen.
  10. C-Viv was the Thrashers beat guy. now he is just doing random sports stuff i guess. either way, he is no better than D-Led. trust me
  11. I dont mind Mularkey leaving, but it is annoying for him to leave now after all the good OC candidates/Musgrave are gone. we already need a new QB coach
  12. that is mainly just a few guys like Mcclure,Finneran and TG affecting the average. the core of this team is very young
  13. we have playmakers in Grimes, Moore and Babs. BVG gets too conservative and drops everybody into coverage too often. easy to pick apart for a guy like Rodgers when he isnt getting pressured. he should have used the same game plan as the 2nd saints game(even though we lost the defense was great)
  14. we are getting trolled by the media, not the packers fans
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