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  1. I don't give a crap what they say. We're in the Super Bowl and they will be sitting at home spectating
  2. there definitely was contact. But you don't have to make contact, face guarding is illegal
  3. of course you're gonna say that because you're a hater along with the rest of the falcon fans. As far as I'm concerned all of those calls were right
  4. What about the play before that when it was a bs roughing the passer call and they should have been punting to us
  5. how was the PI call bs? I thought you were not allowed to face guard wide receivers? I though you had to turn around and play the ball? Yall are nothin but a bunch of haters
  6. i didn't know it was legal to face guard receivers. I thought you had to turn your head around
  7. I just hate how a lot of Saints fans have become so arrogant, just because our team is doing great it doesn't mean you have to change your behavior and act like that. What happened to being humble.
  8. dude I'm a die hard Saints fan, but what's up with all this arrogance? Two great teams are playing, it's not going to be an easy win.
  9. all of those 6 wins didn't get you a super bowl trophy so you're stuck in the same boat is us.
  10. i just refuted your claim by stating the FACT that Grimes didn't turn his head until bumping Meachem four yards off his route.
  11. Grimes didn't turn his had until after he had already bumped Meachem off his route. I'm not even going to argue anymore. You guys obviously need an excuse for losing.
  12. that wasn't jostling for position. He forced Meachem to the sideline. When did it become legal to totally force receivers off their route
  13. so is it now legal to bump the receiver past five yards? If you guys don't think that was pass interference I don't know what is.
  14. are you blind? His head was obviously not turned. Did you see the extension of his arm and his pushing Meachem? You guys are a bunch of sore losers.
  15. Did you watch the video? Did you not see the obvious pass interference on that play? I guess you can't take a loss so you need to blame someone for it.
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