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  1. HONESTLY... I really CAN'T wait to beat you down in your own house. SERIOUSLY.
  2. Thank you Atlanta for a fantastic contest. You guys are always worthy opponents and you didn't dissapoint. Like I said in the beginning of this thread... it's a LOVE / HATE relationship. We love to hate you guys. You are our rivals... you are our fiercest divisional competition... you've been to a Superbowl and we haven't... but you're still family. Love ya Atlanta, and I can't wait till we beat you down in YOUR HOUSE in a few weeks.
  3. Voodoo on da Hotlanta Doity Boids Pappa Legbow who rules the skies, Send me feathers from birds up high, Mama Teesa who rules below, Send me bones from ones I know, Ms Marie my mentor please, Send me caps from Falcons knees, I'll take da muscles from their arms, And twist them up so no longer strong, I'll dig down deep in the swampy muck, And find the eyes from a decaying duck, I'll put these eyes into my pot, And make all birds go blind on the spot, On top of Monkey Hill I will brew, This deadly potion and call on you, Oh all my spirits from the grave, Upon Doity Boids this spell I lays, So when the day after Sabbath comes, My Saints will once again done won! **respectfully using this via Gris Gris Man aka GGM, Voodoo MD, Voodoo Surgeon General, Chief Headshrinker in Charge** twitter: @Gris_Gris_Man All in good fun... unless you believe in the power of... GRIS GRIS!
  4. New Orleans loves to hate the Falcons. That's what it's supposed to be like with any great rivalry. We need the Falcons. We need the Falcons to be good. We need the Falcons to hate us as much as we hate them. The Falcons, like it or not, are as much a part of us as a sibling that we love to compete with in everything we do. New Orleans and Atlanta are like brothers that never stop trying to prove who is the best at everything they do. Atlanta is family here in the NFC south... a part of our family going back to our NFC west beginnings. So... when we beat you down brothers... don't take it personally. It's a family thing. If you're not part of this family... you can't possibly understand. Good luck on MNF Atlanta. 6-0 is sweet... but 7-0 at your expense with be ecstacy! Matty Ice is gonna have a "MELT DOWN" against our D. Drew Brees will most certainly pluck your "Dirty Bird" secondary and slice you up with the passing game. Saints 35 Falcons 24 Good luck at another family reunion... but on this prime time stage, in our house, yall goin home cryin. You can always look forward to when we come over to your house later this year for redemption, but I doubt it. This year your cajun brothers are gonna sweep ya! Peace! Anyone who is a good sport and understands the good nature of this post can follow me on twitter: @PerGis_NOSaints. I know there are some "WHODATS" in Atlanta.
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