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  1. He isn't the best by any means. And he's probably the weakest link in the Oline, but this thread was too far.
  2. Even if it was Chauncey Davis, who cares if the invisible man gets hurt?
  3. I knew someone would post this. Congrats on being that dumbass
  4. I'm sure he's dealt with slumps before. Let's hope he can deal with this one.
  5. Bad timing on that insult. It makes no sense at all. You were obviously waiting to attack me politically, you just struck too early. I hate politics, I don't watch the news. I live my life and like as few people as possible not to intervene with their agenda. That includes you.
  6. Remember when advertising at a sporting even meant you get a free Falcons hat with a small AT&T logo on it? or a shirt with falcon on it and a delta logo on the back? Now we are strapped to chairs and waterboarded with ads.
  7. I can't agree more. EVERYTHING has to be massively profitable now. Even government entities. It's a shame. The quality of the game experience is in the toilet, but no one cares as long as the fans are force fed advertisements.
  8. It's kinda like if some guy pushed your wife. besides, He saw his career going down the toilet if Matt Ryan were to get hurt.
  9. Maybe the AJC should spend less time hooking up with old teammates and more time reporting on the current ones. Any status updates on Norwood?
  10. It's hopeless dude. There are some people on these boards that will disagree with everything you say. Honestly, you have a guy sitting here, talking about how the massive amounts of advertising doesn't effect him at all. Wouldn't it be sad to be so ******** that you are unaware of your surroundings.
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