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  1. So last night, we got to the stadium much later than normal. There was large lines to get through security. Once through security, THEY WEREN’T scanning tickets. The machines said free pass, and they just wanted us through there. I guess they figured anyone going through the hassle of security had a ticket but I’m telling you right now anyone that passed security check could have strolled right in last night. Those season tickets looking like a worse and worse investment...
  2. I saw him in Chicago for the opener a few months ago, he follows them around a lot
  3. Really wish I could find my old Duckett jersey so I could slap DEBO on the back...
  4. Lot A for this weekend, sold my tix and won’t need. Best joke about the Carolina Panties owner wins them feel free to participate even if you don’t need parking just because you are better than these other fools and a winner
  5. Game being flexed means I can’t go this weekend. Section 245- row 1, seats 1-2 parking pass lot A $400
  6. Yeah I think that was. It won’t give me any access to that ticket now, this system really sux
  7. Yo this ticket is still available, droopy fell through. Can anyone make it still?
  8. It should be in your email already from ticketmaster, RISE UP
  9. My buddy woke up sick,I’m headed out already and couldn’t find anyone last second to go. Free front row ticket sec 245, all you gotta do is get to the stadium. First one that can make it happen can have the ticket.
  10. I have a VERY similar team. Gotta start Watson AND wfv today
  11. I don't believe you can pay to get in anymore on game day. There are no prices listed, so I think it is sold out. I see they go for $60 online though. I paid like $33 each game
  12. Nice! Pm me your email address and I'll send it to you. Make sure you print the paper copy, pic on phone won't get you in. Enjoy!
  13. I think this is the winner, nicely done. Do you actually need this pass or should I give it to paranoid?
  14. Headed to Ripken Experience for my sons baseball tournament in Pigeon Forge this weekend. Already sold my tix, have a lot A gulch parking pass available free of charge to someone. Whoever has the best Scam Newton joke wins! whatcha got?
  15. Word has it that it was much louder with it closed. How much did the roof cost again? $100M+ mistake?
  16. According to some reports, they closed it to amplify noise. Funny since it was just a month ago Blank said it would always be open weather permitting. If they change that for crowd noise reasons, that was a major expense and pain for nada...
  17. Funny how everyone had questions about the Falcons after week one game playing in Chicago. I bet they make plenty of excuses for the Steelers though. That tall grass shut them down, only slowed us down!!
  18. The lack of people on the 200 level is truly amazing. Never waited once for anything other than the concession workers to stop talking to each other because there was no one in line but me.
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