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  1. If it's his Triceps again then he's done. That was his injury last year also.
  2. I think we got it...cover everybody...especially Thomas and Kamara....We are gonna kill the Caints
  3. Have the Saints scored 20 points yet?
  4. I think I'm just shocked that ur name wasn't already taken
  5. It honestly could've been his "Almost" leaping one handed interception. Had he came down with it, MIB would've showed up.
  6. Cool thx
  7. Not to take over your thread but I'm coming in for the Bengals game. I usually get on at North Springs but is the Benz stadium still the Ga done stop?
  8. It was probably tweeted out before. It's not a secret that these happen every time a player has a decent game. One of these showed up on one of the NFL network shows last season and the player was joking about expecting to find it Monday morning on his locker.....Poof there it was.
  9. Yes I know in the "Brotherhood" they all nursing each other with Ba Ba's when their teammates are injured BUT.... You don't think for a SECOND that Coleman isn't lickin his chops? This is that dudes chance to grow roots while Freeman gets weeded out. If Tevin can produce SEVERAL 100yd games and Free doesn't come back for 3-4 weeks.... He gonna be gone and we're gonna have a 3rd/4rth rnd pick from somebody. Ito played pretty darn good for a rook in a reserve role and T balled out. If they show out again this week, You may not see Freeman again till like week 8 after he is FULLY healed and becomes trade bait for the off season.
  10. Aka double and triple teams...who doesn't
  11. I actually saw Beasley ALMOST get to Cam a few times...they used a RB to pick up his edge a few times. Foye, Riley and Campbell it is then.
  12. No I think Julio is tired of running 40yds at full speed to watch the ball drop 7 yards away. He's not a robot man. He gets tired.
  13. I really think it was incidental. I think he fully expected to have to tackle Cam and when he went down Kazee tied to avoid him to the side. It just so happened there helmets made contact. You can even tell by Kazee's reaction as soon as contact was made he was "Aw ****"
  14. Can he not just play with a normal sleeve brace? I mean does he really need the robocop attachment to play?
  15. 1) if Levitre is out again we need another guard ASAP...wes won't get it done again. 2) This game should've been a blow out. We held Cam to 100yds passing at half, then gave up 250 Bc of our horrific tackling. I would feel more comfortable with Oliver playing outside then these outsiders we sign to jump in at safety. 3) We had absolutely no business letting Ron Parker walk. Our decision making is so suspect sometimes it makes one wonder