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  1. We actually were more competitive with our backup D out there last year than now. He got a free pass last year......not this one.
  2. Should we just go ahead and draft another QB for the next 10 years? We’re blowing Matt’s career
  3. I have loved the Falcons for a looong time but I’ve gotten to the point I can’t even finish a game Bc it upsets me how bad we are........ Wtf is wrong with our team?
  4. If your driving around with a qty deemed "intent to distribute"...then your stupid enough to deserve jail time... If they raided his house and found the same qty in a secured location away from the children... then far less sentencing needs to occur. Same with weed. We live in a country where we convict folks of felonies over hardly anything and ruin there lives. Not saying that's more than 25% of the time but the judicial system is a series of metrics and profit. Every conviction of ANY kind is profitably. It's a shame. I had a guy that worked for me that was a defense
  5. Schraeder has hit the ceiling along with Beez and Alford.... That's a lot of money to hit FAgency next year. I would be shocked if we didn't make some huge splashes this offseason
  6. The difference is Samuel could single handedly win a game for you. Not to mention regularly turn in 5+ int seasons
  7. But seriously wtf happened too him??? He was doing so well the first 3-4 games this season that Madden raised rating to like a 86......... he back to 80 again and rightfully so........ he needs to go see a psych or something. He flails at the ball and receiver like it's his fist time in the pool. Lawd help this dude
  8. I have never seen an NFL player absolutely REFUSE to turn his head and look back. I can't tell how many times Alford has almost gotten hit in the helmet while defending a pass. This is bad bro.
  9. Didn't we have Mike Nolan at some point? So lemme ask this. If we brought Quinn in for his defensive expertise(let's ignore the fact that Seattle was slammed with talent and pretend Quinn had something to do with their success), then he brings in a DC that gets full control of the D, what is Quinn good at then? He can't manage a clock, he won't intervene on offense(SB collapse), he won't argue with a Ref on behalf of his team and to be quite honest.... won't step outside of his comfort zone to become great. Quinn is just a figure head at this point. He refused to take play calling duties
  10. Ryan's had two fumbles returned for touchdowns and Julio is giving piggyback rides to DB's in front of the refs. We can assist.
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