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  1. We need a martavius Bryant to go with Julio like Antonio Brown has. Even a Mike Wallace would be suffice. We have to get somebody that can seperate other than #11. Furthermore if Trufant or Alford go down for a length of time we need somebody that can step in and the production stay the same.
  2. Because those first two picks should be used on game changers.
  3. To me it was obvious that his foot problems were taking away his ability to break away, jump higher and seemed overall timid concerning contact while jumping for the ball. Do you guys thing it would be smart to draft another weapon to replace Gabriel? If Julio doesn't get some resolve with the foot issues, he may become a non-factor on the field. I'd like to see a quick footed receiver returning kicks that we can develop into a number 2 or 3 presence on the field. Elite speed is an absolute must for me.
  4. We won't pick two DT's that early
  5. Dude had same number of receptions. Scheme just wasn't as good.
  6. 2 Dlinemen in the 1st 4 rounds...? I only ask because I see people oooover and oooover saying draft this DT in the 1st then another in the 2nd or 3rd. I've honestly never seen us as psychotic about a big DT splash. I personally see 2 offensive and 2 defensive players taken in the 1st 4 rounds.
  7. Ryan is a game manager. Makes good decisions and allows his receivers to make the play. We just didn't make the plays this year. We bring in Dez, we win the SB.
  8. Bring him home TD
  9. LVE hands down. Built like Scott Fujita, plays like Luke Kuechly
  10. Should there be recourse? A cheerleaders job is pretty straight forward. A] Cheer B] Attend events C] Don't be a problem.
  11. If anyone read the whole thing, Kudos to you. I made it half-way. Much like most other EEOC complaints in the world, it's only a problem when the employee is terminated. Boo Hoo! If I signed a government contract outlining the rules of my employment, violated those rules and then got terminated....why am I suing again? **Yawn** nothing to see here.
  12. I would say that his ignorant behavior at the hospital during the combine was prooobably the end for me
  13. I think we are looking at some Pro Bowls in the secondary this year. Alford is one clingy MFer
  14. Does everyone believe our WR corp is legit? We just lost the fastest receiver we had, Sanu/Hardy can't seperate, Hall/Williams can't catch and everyone else is suspect. (Yes Julio is Gods gift to football...cept when he aint). We need a Corey Coleman/Curtis Samuel this draft in the WORST WAY!!!
  15. Ok then