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  1. Yeeeeaaahh, Maybe, but that was before the draft. Who knows
  2. Can ANYBODY in the real world have "somebody else"(their agent), call their "boss"(Falcons brass), and tell them that they won't show for work until a new rate of pay is figured out? Yuuuuur nope!
  3. Exactly. This is a business. Mess up the flow...then out you go. #11 is a bad ***. No doubt. Hope we can keep him.
  4. I mean we got 20+ page threads about "what's gonna happen"..... Tell his *** to show up at a high level and play his brains out. If he don't... Send him to buffalo for their best player (not shady) and a 1st...Problem solved. Not only do we have another elite player added AND another possible Julio in the draft. (I honestly would just take their best LB'r or Lineman. Hopefully they have a decent receiver to trade).
  5. Right, the topic was Ito taking his touches which would prob put him at @ 12. Free is already spelled plenty
  6. I'm sure...I just think Ward could've put up a 100yds on 20 carries. Just sayin.
  7. I honestly don't even understand the Ito pick. Terron Ward was very capable. Would've liked that pick to be used on a rotational player.
  8. Hold up bro...Free's workload is alright light. You do know that right? I mean he literally never carries the ball 20x's a game...maybe once or twice. That's a lot of money to carry a RB that gets 12 touches a game.
  9. I think Julio is owed his money, I just think all that mess can be worked out WHILE he's here putting work in. The holdout ish is childish to me. Very odd timing FO Julio as well considering last year he was all out of whack. As far as Spoon goes, had his body held up, he would've been our centerpiece on D.
  10. Spoon is highly underrated. Of course injuries have been his problem for his entire career with the exception of 1 season...but maaaaaan was that a great season. I wish we would start Spoon in Rileys spot and see how it goes... If you think about it, not many players survive as long as Spoon in a backup/IR role. 90% of the players would have had trouble finding work by now. The dude is a monster when his body holds up. My second choice was Keion Carpenter(RIP) my dude. I remember some interceptions of his were insane. Dude had ball skills.
  11. Don't go there. And that fall and missed catch was 100% on him. Matt put that ball where only he could get it
  12. If I'm not mistaken we DID have the ball a few times in the Rzone.
  13. It's obvious you didn't watch. We had the ball twice inside the 10 and couldn't punch it in. It would've prob came down to a FG and if I'm not mistaken...Bryant missed that also. It def DIDNT help that we were wearing white Jerseys during for Foggate
  14. The news IS that it's not really about the contract or organized team activities. It's about him getting the attention he feels he deserves. MR is HOSTING and PAYING FOR a camp to build team chemistry. For Julio not to show is disrespectful and selfish.