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  1. Sounds like a very indecisive dude. Probably not a good trait to protect150m dollars.
  2. Unfortunately, EVERYONE is watching and they should focus on winning.
  3. Pretty funny. Shoulda just cropped it at the waist.
  4. I noticed on Madden he was back in starting lineup so I'm dying to see our D with him back on the field. Should be a LOT more man coverage in play now.
  5. Alford is horrible in coverage and Tru is horrible at tackling. I don't know which is worse. Poole is decent at tacklin and Oliver is decent in coverage. If they play horribly again do we bench em again?
  6. Why? These are millionaires that can ***** about a field surface, get the venue changed and then not perform.... I like to just group them all together. If he were traded next year I would not be surprised at all.
  7. If Allen came back full strength and a t am offered a 1st for Kazee and a 3rd would you take it..... I'm Just sayin. We need a Denzel Ward this draft cuz our Corners are horrible.
  8. Isn't it Vandy and R's job to be cynical? Lil late for that. That dude "statistically" is gonna be a FA prize in 2 months.
  9. Kazee. Remember when 5 ints per season was the standard? When was the last time we had a DB that did that? Either Allen or Kazee will be traded in the offs. My guess is it will be Kazee Bc he will bring a 2nd or better if he keeps it up. If he finishes the season with 8+ picks we will get a noice draft pick for him.
  10. Touch his legs and he's down. That's also the reason he can't catch over the shoulder deep throws and take them the distance. He's terrified of injuring his foot.
  11. He the D coordinator? He was a great DT
  12. Mayfield looked like Geno Smith his rookie year.
  13. Honestly the step down in production this week vs last is astounding. While Oliver gave up some key catches last week it wasn't due to being out of position. Crowder made some outstanding plays but Alford seems absolutely lost. Yes Tru ain't doin jack either, but that's kinda his game. He's just there. Alford weeks 1-4 was pretty stellar... wth happened
  14. Saurbert is crossing in from of him. 50/50 he makes. It is Matty "Ice/gumby/worst agility in the world" Ryan after all.
  15. Bro, the problem today wasn't Sark. It was execution... and our defense didnt execute