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  1. He didn’t opt out... I wouldn’t be calling people dumb if I were you.
  2. I don’t understand why people even say this as though we could have simply traded back because we wanted too. It takes a team wanting to trade to your position and reasonable compensation to do so. P.S. AJ is going to ball
  3. I actually think the opposite. Brady showed a significant decline in performance over the course of last season. I feel as though the same will hold true hold true for 43 year old Brady especially considering he doesn’t have the same protection that he had in NE. He should get hit a lot more this year. Once again it will be interesting to see how that 43 year old football body holds up.
  4. So do season ticket prices to go up (if they plan on having fans at the games)? This years season tickets were priced for 7 home regular season games.
  5. I emailed my account rep and was able to get the discount code. Unfortunately is doesn't work on the vapor limited jerseys.
  6. I still have not seen this discount code. Nor have other season ticket holders that I have asked.
  7. I have yet to see any communication about this. Has anybody gotten emails?
  8. The second from the left looks like a modern interpretation of the throwback on the far right. I can see that being our home primary. I love the storm trooper look and the black on black. I wish they would have just done a solid red instead of the gradient. The gradient is the only one I dislike. Actually I’m not fond of the red pants either. If I look at the pic and ignore those two I think the set up looks great together.
  9. There are a ton of pics on the website. They definitely look better in the players. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/photos/new-drip-atlanta-falcons-unveil-new-uniforms#0f031d2d-dcd5-4150-b27b-e07dd5535ca6
  10. Sorry I think he was just talking about the pants stripe. I cut off the previous part of the convo.
  11. I think the fans are gonna love the all black version. I think the white will look better on an actual player. There appears to be a traditional (no stripe) black uniform as well. The only one I’m not sold on is the gradient. However it’s going to be interesting to see how the stripe plays on that version as it blends into the red at the top of the jersey. I would hold off on passing judgement until the official pics are revealed. It’s like when car spy shots leak. They almost never do the car justice. I’m anxious to see how these are presented next Tuesday.
  12. This is what was said about the retro falcon version that can be seen in the picture
  13. So it looks like we have two color pants (white and black) and four tops (White, Black w/ red stripe, black throwback, and the fade). So as far as uni combos I guess we could get: white on white white on black black on black black on white red fade to black on black black throwback on white black throwback on black This is pure speculation based off what we have seen
  14. The funny part is these are very close to our old throwbacks uniforms. The only difference is the stripe and the font/shadowing. Well at least the black and white are close.
  15. I think these will grown on people when they see them properly presented. I will admit that white one looks like crap on that particular player.
  16. I just noticed. They do have a throwback version. Look the two black ones in the middle don’t have a stripe and have the old logo.
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