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  1. Came here to say this. Glad somebody nipped it in the bud off rip.
  2. 1) We have a ton of other needs more pressing than QB. 2) They won’t stop making QBs if we don’t draft Fields.
  3. Yeah they didn’t hire EB... you point was invalidated the second you posted this.
  4. The Bucs won because their defense showed up while Brady was out there throwing 3 picks. So yeah your whole point is invalid.
  5. Are you talking about the same Trubisky that got benched for 6 games?
  6. He didn’t opt out... I wouldn’t be calling people dumb if I were you.
  7. I don’t understand why people even say this as though we could have simply traded back because we wanted too. It takes a team wanting to trade to your position and reasonable compensation to do so. P.S. AJ is going to ball
  8. I actually think the opposite. Brady showed a significant decline in performance over the course of last season. I feel as though the same will hold true hold true for 43 year old Brady especially considering he doesn’t have the same protection that he had in NE. He should get hit a lot more this year. Once again it will be interesting to see how that 43 year old football body holds up.
  9. So do season ticket prices to go up (if they plan on having fans at the games)? This years season tickets were priced for 7 home regular season games.
  10. I emailed my account rep and was able to get the discount code. Unfortunately is doesn't work on the vapor limited jerseys.
  11. I still have not seen this discount code. Nor have other season ticket holders that I have asked.
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