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  1. Actually Doug Pedersen made a similar call a few weeks ago for the Eagles and they are sitting on the 1 seed in the NFC right now. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2017/9/25/16360840/why-doug-pederson-went-for-it-on-4th-and-8-philadelphia-eagles-win-probability
  2. Nope, not rigged. Y'all just Hillary'd this game....bad.
  3. Keep dusting that empty trophy case, Falcon fans. And while you're at it, enjoy blowing by far the biggest lead in Super Bowl history. I think this this ended up being the Falcons fans worst nightmare, and the Saints fans day of hilarity.
  4. Your arch-rivals to the southwest join you in you support for Mr. Blank's complete and speedy recovery. http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/n-s-arthur-blank-diagnosed-prostate-cancer-352371/#.VrqZ25orLIU
  5. I can tell you, Saints fans hope Blank signs this guy to a 10-year extension.
  6. "I'm gonna need you to bring your playbook and your parking pass"......."and those God-awful sandals."
  7. Do us all a favor and trade away about 5 picks in the process, would you? That worked out so nicely before....
  8. 50 years from now, nobody will still have ever seen the Falcons win a Super Bowl. And that defense "record" will have been shattered many times over. It may not even survive this year.
  9. Smitty just wants to be Sean Payton soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad LOLOLOL
  10. LOL, I'd love to see him signed for 15 more years....
  11. Saints fans beg you to sign him to a 15 year extension.
  12. This. I watched the sideline official walk in a zig zag pattern from the sideline to spot the ball. Let's face it, how many times in his career has Roddy White gotten away with push-offs in order to make a completion? Probably 2 out of every 3 of his completions involves un-called offensive pass interference....
  13. 1 50 yard run + 10 crappy 2 yard runs.
  14. If by "beasting" you mean having one very good carry while having ten more very pedestrian ones, then ok.....
  15. He had one good run and 10 lousy ones. ??
  16. Aside from one long run, your new "hammer jack" didn't gain squat all day. He was routinely stuffed for 1-2 yards.
  17. Because the only reason the hurry up is effective in the 2 mniute drill is the scheme the other team is playing, trying to prevent the big play.
  18. Except for the part about allowing 0 points in the 2nd half....
  19. You and the Vikings fans can all start a whine and cheese club. Enjoy the offseason.
  20. Me too. I'd like to laugh and cheer watching it over and over again.As for Gonzales, he's had a spectacular career, it's just a shame he hitched his wagon to a team that just can't get it done when it matters.
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