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  1. Yeah ive been a fan of the falcons for about 12yrs i was 10 when I first got to watch the game and since then ive been hooked. You should buy the game pass on NFL.com i did 2 yrs ago and havnt missed a game.
  2. Im from a place called Old Bar not to far from you bout 2 and a half hrs north its between Forster and Port Macquarie on the coast.
  3. Welcome mate, Its good to have a fellow Aussie supporting the Falcons you made the right choice
  4. Lol so was i, Im 99% sure its roddy joking around.
  5. Nice move by Meier Bad drop by jenkins at 0.56
  6. Lol You deserved the victory dont think you have much to worry bout come the bledisloe or tri-nations.
  7. Hi Falcon Fans, Just wanted to thank everyone for what they are doing with training camp with all your info and pictures. Cant express how much i appreciate it, Not only me but im sure i speak for whoever can't make TC. I can't go through and thank each person as ill be here all night. We most definitly have some of the best fans in the nfl supporting the best team obviously lol. Lets go Falcons, keep up the good work
  8. Man I wish I lived there, I live in Australia so no chance of me making it. Im hoping i can grab some tickets and get over for some regular season games
  9. Yeah, Would love to see the Birds in action doing some drills. The eagles give the fans some good coverage
  10. Just wondering if your able to video practice? or why there hasnt been any videos of the team doing drills on AF.com. I just want to see the boys in action, and I cant make camp as i live in Australia. I have also been reading up on the other teams we face this year and come across this video i think use will find interesting. http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/multimedia/index.asp?mm_file_id=8942&play_clip=y Also nice little scuffle and the end.
  11. Just for laughs have a go at him lol. The man sure knows how to talk http://twitter.com/OGOchoCinco
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