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  1. If you believe your first point, then why watch football. Your second point, he deserved the flag and he also deserves a fine. They missed a few on TG. They also missed a few holds on the falcons offense of line too. It happens. Oh it was a face mask. They missed it.
  2. Will Smith served a two game suspension and had to play 2 games with no pay.
  3. Packers Falcons Saints 49ers Giants Dallas (unfortunately)
  4. Grow up. Being a Saints fan, I am not too fond of White or Ryan. I would never want to see one of those guys get hurt, especially on purpose. Every team in the league has people who post on the boards just as you did (saints included). I understand you do not like what happen, but instead of wishing injury on a player, you can take a min to post something a little more relevant or maybe just not post at all. Have a good day.
  5. Not every saints fan is a bandwagon fan. I was in high school during the Bobby Hebert years. Even without a playoff win, those where great years. I suffered as a fan for years with Jim Everet, Wade Wilson, Billy Joe Tolliver, Heath freaking Shuler, and Arron Brooks. Did I mention Heath Shuler sheesshh. The thing is this, Both teams are having great years the last few seasons. I say enjoy the ride and don't worry about the bandwagon fans.
  6. This is not true. Many saints fans a optimistic about this game. The saints, even with injuries are a better team. should we win yes. can we lose sure. Even if we do lose (which would suck) I would consider the season a good one. After a superbowl win, the saints had a great great year and made the playoffs. Last year was a great year for the saints. Things went their way often. this year I see the same things for the falcons. A great team with few injures and some good luck at times. Can the falcons win the superbowl this year yes. can they lose in the first round sure. who knows.
  7. Sure. I am aware that the saints have never won a road playoff game. They also never won a super bowl until last season. Not sure why some of you guys are so angry. Im not here to say the saints are going to repeat or anything like that. I hope they do, however I personally think that it a big up hill battle for them with injuries and away games.
  8. 1. Over the past two years, the Saints have a better road record then a home record. Playing in the cold is way over rated. Last I checked, the seahawks are one of the worst rushing teams in the NFL. I do agree, the stadium is loud, and with the saint's problems with false starts this season, this could be problem. 2. Like I said, both teams suck at running the ball. 3. Brees is really go against the blits. Againts the falcons he threw for 300+ yards with a completion percentage over 60%. However, this year he has thrown way to manny INT. BTW, The saints did show that if you stack the box to stop turner and double white and put a cornerback or safety on gonzo, ryan has a hard time. Actually if you look at ryans stats, pretty much every game where turner rushed for under 100 yards, ryan qb rating suffered. OK back to the post. 4. Totally agree. 5.Did the pats not lose to the browns. Really, circular logic. You should never post stuff like team A beat team B and Team C beat team A so Team C is better then team B. That stuff is just boring and dumb As a saints fan, I agree. The saints have played to the level of competition. I think, however the saints win this one. This has been a great year. NFC has been a great division.
  9. The falcons did not give this game away. The saints won becuase they where the better team that night. Funny how the falcons D had a great game and the falcons offense GAVE the saints the game. Could it have been that the saints just shut down the falcons offense. Thing is, you guys lost just like we lost in the first meeting. In the first meeting the falcans where the better team. Both teams may play again in a few weeks. Should be a good game. Yes there are some saints fans on these boards that a just boring Trolls. I also see, however, some falcon fans that generalize about N.O and the fans, constantly bring up Katrina or bashing the city. For the last 3 years, a company that my company deals with gives myself and 2 other coworkers tickets to the game. They bring us tailgating with some falcon fans. We eat, we dring, and have a great time. Is it so hard to admit that the Saints are a really good team. I think that the falcons are a good team, and for the next few years it will be fun to see the two teams battle it out for the division. To all you good falcon fans out there, enjoy the rest of the season no matter what happens, win or lose, I know I will.
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