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  1. Thanks. I enjoy reading the informational break downs.
  2. I agree that the D needs fixing. I'd like it to start with the DC. Hopefully they don't ignore this needed change again this year. They played OK, but good D's finish the game. I want them to have a D that other teams fear.
  3. I hope they believe they need do something. I hope they realized the predictible offense and easy to dissect defense has to go. New schemes are needed. If the O-line is struggling, call some screens, etc. The coordinators just seam to have no clue against good opponents. They seam to both coach scared.
  4. I think we need to resign Abe, he's still playing great, it's the other guys on the D-line that need to step up. I'd prefer to keep Turner, but a younger guy is needed, not just a 3rd down back. Look how the Saints keep plugging guys in and they wear you down. Snelling is OK, but they should draft a RB for this roll. They should look for some bargin FA O-Line players or draft 1 or 2 later, maybe they get lucky. I'm still not totally sold on Grimes either. He's above average, but just not that elite player and will probably cost elite player money. Now maybe a scheme change helps him become
  5. I'm not ready to blow it all up. But I want a new OC and DC. Also, they need to resign Abraham & Lofton. He seamed to be the only one on the line that can play. Once they doubled or tripled him, nobody else stepped up. Maybe that's the DC scheme or just every player they've brought in over the last 4 years sucks. But, start with a real DC. Spags or Crennel or somebody I don't know. And I have no idea for OC, but there are plenty of guys out there. Just don't stick with the same old crap. I'd still like to stick with Ryan and a new OC. The offense has talant, but the line is a lit
  6. The offensive play calling was terrible from the start. It was too conservative and coaching scared. The QB sneak on the 2nd 4th and 1 was ridiculous. They got blown up the 1st time, so do it again. That's were the defense was stacked. I'm tired of the dumb play calls. Let's see how good Ryan can be when the defense doesn't know the play. That's the advantage a good OC gives you. Just look at Brees, the defense has to guess what he's doing most of the time. By the time they do, he's already beaten them. Not saying Ryan is close to Brees, but he's already starting off with a disadvant
  7. Don't be fooled. His defense isn't that good. He gets out coached too many times. This defense doesn't scare anybody. Don't you want this team to have a great defense or are you satisfied with a mediocre defense. Because that's what he's given us. I'm tired of sticking with mediocrity. Out with both the OC and DC. I'm tired of seeing them being out coached. After 4 years, this is unexceptable.
  8. I wasn't looking at it this way. But, as much as I want to win a playoff game, if the Saints completely spank us again, then maybe they'll have to change the DC. Maybe if we win a playoff game against either the Giants or Cowboys, then get spanked by Green Bay, like last year, we'll still look at change at the DC position? Just hopefull.
  9. It might not be up to Smitty on this one. Two years and two embarrassing loses. Both games the D was so out coached.
  10. We'll have to see what happens in the playoffs, it's too late for change this year. They have to ride it out. I just hope they learn from the mistakes and next year come back with a different DC and scheme.
  11. He should have been fired after he got exposed in the playoff loss to GB last year. I didn't understand how he kept his job after that. The front office fix in the offseason was to go out and get a WR. I'm fine with Jones, but how does that fix the defense? That was the issue Atlanta had against the Packers last year. Now a year later, he's exposed again. I really hope he's gone after the season, but I can't get excited until it's done. I don't want to get fooled again.
  12. I believe this is the real reason they got better. Atlanta adds new faces every year, but they get lost into the same crappy scheme. I'd love to bring in Spags, but rumors are that he's going to Philly to be DC after he's fired by Rams.
  13. Sorry to say it, but I don't see us beating them this year. Even if we played them 5 more times. Our defense has no clue how to stop them.
  14. Of course we would all love the 2nd. But it hasn't happened and it doesn't look likely. If it happened I'd be thrilled to send them home. But, I'm hoping they don't end up playing the Saints in the 1st round. I don't think they can handle them.
  15. You can't hang this game on him. Not stopping the Saints on D was the real issue. Just like last years playoff loss to GB. If you can't force them off the field until they score, then you're just not going to win. Last time I checked, Matt Ryan doesn't play or coach the defense. BVG's system needs to be replaced with a real system. When will the front office see this? Two big time beat downs on the lame system. Please bring in a REAL DC in the offseason.
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