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  1. If there's one thing I'm confident about Quinn and never fully was with Smith is that he doesn't get ahead of himself. Also, Quinn has been there 3 out of the past 4 Superbowls. This team will have a target on its back in 2017, but Quinn will have them focused and ready to play.
  2. I mean it's unfortunate, but don't kid yourself. Whenever the new RB coach comes in and with Free and TeCo on the roster... I think that person is gonna be pretty **** happy and inspired to pick up where they left off.
  3. Ryan made a mistake, Free made a mistake, but it was all a result of Shanahan putting his players in a terrible position. What you think Belichick isn't going to overload a weak side and pray for something to happen. Shanahan's head was so far up his own *** in the 2nd half.
  4. I couldn't agree more. Sark has always struck me as a player-first kinda coach that develops a strong bond with them. This ties right into Quinn's M.O. Saban... clearly is not that way so I think it makes a ton of sense. The offense won't change, maybe just a little bit of the verbiage, but from what I understand Sark is on board and knows the plan and will run this offense well.
  5. Weems may not fumble but god he makes some bonehead decisions. Tired of watching it and I'm sure the staff is too. He's a great STer, but I'm ready to see someone else handle the KR/PR responsibility.
  6. Personally, I'd rather see TD go for a big ugly DT to play next to Jarrett (yes, I know Shelby is coming back, but unfortunately I don't think even Quinn knows what he has in him) or take a LB at 31, but it just feels like Taco could fit Quinn's personality and style really well. Quinn is the line up and let it fly kind of Defensive guy that seems like a dude with Charlton's ideal size and talent could really thrive under. Feels like he'll probably be gone before 31, but any draft gurus in here think it's a possibility? I don't pay attention to CFB at all and I dunno how many premier
  7. Quinn has known him for a long time. This franchise has an identity and a way of doing things now. I trust in DQ to get him on board.
  8. Woah woah woah. Hold up there. Did you not see his end of the year presser? He owned up to his calls TOTALLY. I think he said that even word for word. Pump the brakes here. If a play caller (and he was not the one calling the offensive plays, they were just going through him) starts doubting their methodology and their abilities, they will end up like Mike Smith (no offense Mike). Quinn is not that type of person, he believes in his way of running this team whether it comes to the locker room or the play calls, but once you start second guessing yourself, you
  9. This 100% People blaming Freeman need to get over it. Shanahan put this team in a terrible F-ing position and set them up to fail. Did Freeman make a mistake, yes. So did Ryan, he should have audibled out of it. Freeman is a team player, despite him having a toxic agent. I got news for you. That's the agent's job, Freeman was all business Superbowl week while his agent(s) did all the talking. He is a special player and he deserves to get paid like one. $5 mil a year sounds about right to retain his services.
  10. I know Manuel was the first name Quinn mentioned as possibliy promoting, but Morris's name was in that list too and god I know he did a **** of a job with the WRs this year, but that group with veteran studs like Julio and Sanu is now the BEST in the NFL, no question. I'm confident they can find a new WR coach to keep that group on track. Morris is a defensive guru and Quinn knows it and they just seem like the kind of guys who have the same kind of mindset in terms of play calling. I feel like Morris can mirror the enthusiasm and intensity that Quinn preaches and coaches with a
  11. He's not firing coaches left and right. Coaches get hired out and picked up and promoted by other teams when a team has the kind of year the Falcons had, just like with LaFleur and Shanahan. There was a write up that towards the end of the season, Quinn took over more of the defensive play calling responsibilities at times, so he had obviously lost some faith in Smith (which I think we all did), and maybe he felt more comfortable in year 2 as HC that he could take care of HC responsibilities and some D play calling. Bryan Cox seemed to actually do some decent work this season, b
  12. Reasonable points, but I don't buy that Keuchly was "healthy" last 3 games. If that's the case, he would have played. It's pretty obvious he had a very serious concussion and I believe he's got a pretty lengthy history with them. That will end a player's career early, don't fool yourself. Even if Davis does return, he's lost a step. Johnson will be 31 by next Training Camp and isn't the player he once was either. Face it, your front-7 is not the dominant force it was in 2015, even if Keuchly does come back. I'm not buying that your secondary doesn't suck, sorry. Benjam
  13. I see at least 10 wins. And I hate to say it, but the NFC South is totally in the air. Carolina's defense took a major step backwards and it sounds like Kuechley could be headed for a year out of Football in all honesty and how much longer can T. Davis really play? Their secondary is an absolute mess and compound that with if Cam can't get his head right this offseason (and who in the world would expect that arrogant ***** to be able to do that) than I see another mediocre year for Carolina. Their offense doesn't scare anyone anymore and Johnathan Stewart has lost a step and they rel
  14. I guess that's good news, but man he looked like he was in so much pain on the field and of course Joe Buck couldn't find a second to update anything about it.
  15. I've been a Falcons fan for far too long to stress out about those questions for more than the day after. My mind has been cleansed of it. What I will take away from this season is that the Atlanta Falcons won the NFC South, dominated 2 ridiculously good teams in the Playoffs, had a historically prolific offense with an MVP in Ryan and nearly won the Superbowl. RISE UP
  16. Sorry if already been posted, but I haven't been able to find a **** thing and I'm seriously worried. Would just hate it if he had to miss some of OTAs/Camp. Any insight or links would be appreciated.
  17. I was pretty shocked when I first heard about this, but from what I've heard from Quinn, it sounds like the system is going to remain nearly identical, just some of the terminology might change. Plus, I didn't realize it, but back in the OTAs or maybe even in camp, Quinn mentioned that Sark had come to Atlanta to take a look at Shanahan's offense and the Atlanta players, so at least he is familiar with it, and who knows... There's so much subversion of the "rules" these days with these kinds of hires that as close as Quinn and Sark appear to be, in all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if
  18. Watching Blount in the SB for NE, although the Falcon's D did a nice job containing him for the most part, did show me how badly this team does need a bruiser type 3rd String RB. Especially when TeCo went down, oh man, I'm so nervous about that injury. I don't want Lacey though. Would be easy enough to spend a 4th or 5th on a bigger chunk yardage north/south RB in the draft.
  19. I'm just glad he's gone. Last night showed me all I needed to see.
  20. It was a bad loss, but this loss will not define this team. It was a tale of 2 halves. One dominated by the Falcons, the other Dominated by the Patriots. The players won't forget how special they were in the first half despite having the pit of the 2nd half on their minds. Hopefully, it's used as fuel.
  21. Shanahan is the scapegoat of this game, plain and simple. His playcalling in the 2nd half was just pitiful at times. Freeman missed an assignment, maybe? How could we know the truth? It sucks, but Freeman was special last night, whereas Shanahan was a clueless idiot.
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