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  1. they didn't just lose... Purdue moved ball like crazy. they really should have had another 20+ points in the game.
  2. then UK holding again... and again no call
  3. that UK tackler purposely bent down to head butt Kearis while getting up.... smh that players get away with that crap right out in front of everyone now
  4. That call by 1st base ump... Giants likely lose anyway but my goodness... that was sooooooo far from a swing.
  5. As David Pollack said in a video.... the Georgia defenses' greatest weapon is the FEAR the opponent feels! He said as great as the D-line is the LBers are the better group of the front 7. Raved about them. Raved about the ridiculous versatility of many of the guys on the DL and LBers.
  6. Anyone seen a defense in this thread???
  7. Yes! A young man instead of a petulent child. And Gunner seems to be the same way too. Hallelujah!!
  8. Not to point fingers necessarily... but when trying to find the root cause of a recurring problem it is generally an accepted practice to find the common denominator that exists in all reoccurences. So what would that be ?
  9. Does Auburn score in the UGA game?
  10. Anyone have recent good intel on when our missing WR/TE personnel are likely to be back and ready to actually play? Seems to me like almost the entire roster is unavailable from those two groups.
  11. Kirby was not going to run the score up on Pittman. Now on Mullen and Floriduh...
  12. Hard for me to imagine that any team remaining on the schedule for Georgia is going manage to score much against that defense. Just watched FLA @ UK. We have a 50/50 chance of shutting out both of them. Can't see either offense scoring more than twice at absolute best. The SECCG is looking to be epic.
  13. Alabama, Georgia, Cinci, and ________ ?
  14. Stetson is a Senior. He has another year of eligibility?
  15. 1. That was as mild of a beatdown as Kirby could give PittBoss in Athens this season. 2. How great is the D front 7 in Athens?!! 3. Stetson graduates. JT is 50/50 next year maybe? Beck into the portal I'd guess unless JT goes pro and Beck truly believes he will beat out BVG. BVG being kept under wraps this season. Gunner added next Fall.
  16. well that would make sense... in a way... almost no one figures it out while in Atlanta.
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