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  1. Nah, won't happen. Peyton is not giving his blessing to Gus. He's wayyyyyyy to smart for that!
  2. 1. Someone has to want to trade up to your spot at #4. 2. The price has to be right for both teams to make that trade. 3. Who at #4 in this draft is actually worthy of a #4 pick on the defensive side in your opinion? I'm not really seeing anyone IMO at this point.
  3. I have to wonder how Mr. Mays pinky finger is feeling today...
  4. yep. Of all the drafts to have likely choice of first defensive player..... smfh.
  5. And the more they do both, the more effective both will be because the defense can't cheat to one or the other which makes the defense less effective against both.
  6. First, my statement isn't based on whether ANY team has ever done it. Lots of people jump off of bridges without a parachute, walk on train track trestles, and on and on... I simply expressed by thoughts on that specific point, BUT since you asked for it... Here ya' go... 2003 #1 Overall Pick and Heisman Trophy winner did not take one snap in his rookie season; healthy scratch x 16. > Carson Palmer 1986 #1 Overall Pick. No snaps entire season for Tampa Bay. Some guy named Bo Jackson. Bo "sat out" the season actually. Some other notable "almost" players: 2001 - #
  7. Yes, and most pooped all over Allen as a prospect and the Bills for drafting him.
  8. And seriously... you think a lot of (MOST) teams if they could get a Mulligan wouldn't go ahead and draft Rogers, or Marino, or Brees. or Brady, or Mahomes when their pick was up in the 1st Rd. even if they had to sit them one, maybe two seasons ?? Much less have them on the bench as the #2 in case the vet starter gets injured?? (*the Chargers Intended to have Herbert sit on bench for this season but Taylor got injured). Falcons have been incredibly fortunate for 13 seasons that Ryan has been so durable.... no certainty that continues.
  9. there is certainly a lot that has to be considered in drafting Wilson high for every team. The little info I've seen on the shoulder issue doesn't paint a picture of concern to me, but the professionals with the info available will ultimately decide on that point. Fields is at least as much of a runner as Wilson; yes he is bigger, but that isn't a guaranteed benefit one over the other. Wilson demonstrates, repeatedly, the ability to and savvy of sliding and avoiding hits. Fields... not so much. Lawrence also is mobile, runs, and is going to get hit in the NFL. He is taller but he i
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