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  1. well... a scenario question for you, and all. IF Brady had been the Falcons QB in our SB can you say, without ANY doubt, that he would have also complied with the play call(s) after completing that pass to Julio? or wouldn't have perhaps called a timeout (clock was already stopped so no diff on game clock) to "discuss" with Quinn and Shanahan? yeah... my opinion i know, but when the HC/OC tell you to lead your Platoon over the cliff's edge, I tend to want my Platoon Leader to use his brain and good sense, and get clarity.
  2. I don't consider Ridley to be worth what it will cost to keep him. IMO there are precious few WRs that remotely approach the cost to retain them at the price they generally fetch. IMO Ridley simply isn't one of them. The Comp Pick has value; use it to build the roster. There are a multitude of very good WRs coming into the league each year in today's game. Our current roster situation isa great example of how not to have sustained success.
  3. Might as well bring back JA98 and Edwards while we're at it. Heck, bring back Beasley too.
  4. What made it worse... they couldn't draft to replace themselves. Although Quinn did manage to hire/delegate to a few Coaches at times to take over his role(s) as needed to keep himself employed a bit longer each time.
  5. Triple-teamed, batted the pass, tracked it, caught it, broke tackle rumbling to the TD. One play. LOL
  6. Interpretation (what he is really saying) = it would be really nice to have Najee Harris running the ball for the Falcons.
  7. this forecast brought to you by Brian Hill. broadcast on WNUT; channel 23
  8. Except JOK went to ND, while Cox is a LSU... errrr..... ummm.... student. And ya' know the Falcons have had fantastic success with those LSU draftees going wayyyyyy back....
  9. 50/50. Don't know why he wasn't used far more for past two seasons. I have to assume it was primarily because DQ and DK are both pretty stupid in some ways, and the RB choice may be yet another. It may also be that Ollison simply isn't getting it done. This year will tell us which it was.
  10. yup. Ole' Rocky Top appears headed for Ole' Rocky Bottom.
  11. Historically the NFL turns many college Tackles into average to good to great NFL Guards. Some come from bigger programs and many come from mid-tier to even very small school programs. For Zone Blocking teams it is one of the best ways to use lower draft picks and UDFA to find very good NFL Guards and save payroll at same time.
  12. well the odd front does lend itself to schematic and tactical advantages IMO. I'll just leave it at that.
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