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  1. first time he drops back. LOL put him down. hard. then he'll wonder when the next one is coming...
  2. Well that's one helluva foolish bet for them to make! ROFLMAO
  3. Well since everyone will at some point be exposed to it, and you aren't going to eradicate it any time soon....
  4. Same. He knows who the right guys are IMO. i strongly tend to agree with his Evaluations. I’m becoming a Raiders fan to a good degree because of Mayock as the GM. I paid a good bit of attention to Raiders in weeks before draft and Funny thing this year... I managed to pick four (Muse, Edwards, Robertson , Ruggs) of the guys they drafted as ones I felt they would. I’d have had 5 if Falcons hadn’t picked Terrell at 16 before Raiders at 19.
  5. He’s not anywhere close to locking out on the Bench Press.
  6. Well our SAF group hasn’t “been RIGHT” in several seasons as it is... so there’s that
  7. yup. we passed on an OBVIOUS football player with real grit for a Twit-ter.
  8. I've also seen it mentioned that he played that game while ill with a high fever. Don't know if true but it would certainly explain why his game was off. I do know that the Raiders fully intended to take him at #19. He was NOT going to make it past Raiders.
  9. Mike Mayock ain’t no dummy!
  10. That’s only 5 CBs. I came here to say, “how does TD pass on Amik R. to take the S from Cal” ???!!!!’ Seriously. Raiders had the good sense to grab him.
  11. For the sake of UGA football in 2020 I consider it a good thing Fromm left. There were times where the pass catchers certainly let him down but other times it was Fromm. Fromm will land somewhere and have a chance to improve and become a backup with a chance to start at some point via injury or attrition/salary cap if he can demonstrate the ability to earn that.
  12. Which school was touted as RBU ? (LOL) seriously, i can't remember what that article said; shows you had stupid that opinion is!
  13. Ruiz is best C in draft overall; but he is not as mobile compared to Hennessey. Hennessey is a perfect fit for the Zone scheme and has a lot of potential to be really good C.
  14. Cushenberry is a wall but limited mobility for a zone scheme. Hennessy can move.
  16. Neither of those backs are dual threat (run & catch) like Swift is. He's a 3-down RB.
  17. Just.... like..... every..... other.... draft. Rico was a corner, late pick, cut, new coaching staff, converted to S. Kazee was a corner, not a high pick, converted to S Neal (box/SS) was good for two seasons; hurt and out for two seasons. Neasman late pick; rarely sees the field. If you could take ALL of the positive traits of this group and mash into ONE player, THEN the Falcons would have one good S. That likely misses the season or most of it frequently with injuries.
  18. It was TampaBay making sure no other team needing a LT traded with SF in order to get in front of TB to draft Wirfs
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