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  1. I wasn't arguing at all. Just adding emphasis in my agreement.
  2. Being a Great Leader requires exceptional situational awareness, and that you be able to recognize your mistakes, why it was such, and when necessary take drastic action to correct it/set a new course. And it requires a strong, well founded Vision and actions/decisions that support that vision. Quinn failed this past year in the situational awareness, leadership and vision in my opinion. Retaining Sark just proves it. Yes, the offense will likely improve in 2018.... I mean, really, just how much worse could it fall off? It already regressed a good 30% plus just statistically, and worse overall IMO as it relates to situational football. Which is saying something... given Shanahan's play calling in SB51 !!
  3. VERY. SIGNIFICANT. And neither Pruitt or Mullen even finishes a distant second to Kirby on the "overall likeability" scale.... I'll just leave it at that.
  4. That is VERRRRRRY interesting... these next 3 weeks are going to be fun-filled ! Wondering if that tactic doesn't end up back-firing on Pruitt when the smoke clears....
  5. Ummmmm... that 'proposed deal' contradicts your position of disagreement.
  7. I sure wouldn’t mind that.
  8. UA, UT, UF, UGA... is there another school he is supposedly going to end up at ?
  9. So is there no info coming out regarding the OV of Campbell ??
  10. Any of that 3-0 record in the modern age of "Football Officiating MUST Keep the Game Close for TV Ratings" ??
  11. read that blog thread.... just WOW
  12. Serious question > You do realize that the "#1 Scoring offense" does NOT in any way compete against a "Freshman QB" while playing a football game? *I suggest dropping that point of your position, or at least modify it in some way as to make some sense.
  13. They picked on Parrish entire 2nd Half; Sanders should have realized that Trips on his left and Single WR v Parrish to his side of "2-deep Safety" was where his attention needed to be. He also took a terrible angle, albeit too late anyway. Parrish didn't even try to keep his coverage which really isn't excusable in any way. Expecting help is fine but playing soft coverage and then quitting on coverage deep is... not cool. That said, as soon as Tua was sacked I was saying, "gotta' blitz this next down!!"
  14. I have some Bama folks making a point to rub it in this morning.