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  1. it's ESPN. otherwise known as the primary media mouth & supporter of the Big10 and specifically THE Ohio State University. remember if OSU isn't the Champion then no one is.
  2. Let me guess... he failed because they found no evidence of a heart.
  3. Lest we forget.... Fields used the “racism at Georgia” play to file for immediate eligibility. Can’t see UGA being an option; from either party’s side.
  4. Haha. Not really. That might be justification for a riot... or something.
  5. I wouldn't "feel sorry" for Newman. What I would find interesting about the dynamic is would Fields actually accept having to compete for the starting job against Newman and Daniels. Yes, that's right... I don't assume that Fields wins it "just because".
  6. WHY The He77 is the Big10 openly trying to persuade other conferences to "join them" in canceling the fall season?!?!? Seriously, stay out of other peoples business! If you need the other conferences to join you, preferably at the same time to announce it, that just reeks of "needing validation" for your decision.
  7. Last one out the door please Turn Off the Lights.
  8. the other view is >> they won't have much idea on what our offense is going to be or do, and with whom. That will for certain cause Saban some lost sleep.
  9. SEC playing a 10 game Conf schedule this season. SC will get tested. Of course an entire year remains for Stockton after 2020 season plays out; he can wait until early 2022 to decide if he wants to.
  10. I read this headline and simply chuckled while saying, "let me guess..." BREAKING: 5-star junior QB Gunner Stockton is down to two schools Jeff Sentell
  11. the fact we are reduced to comparing Beasley stats to Duke Riley stats is pretty telling
  12. Also had a Head Coach that knew what the heck he was doing. Always.
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