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  1. But, but, but... he has since given up (apparently) his life long dream of playing college baseball. What a shame the racism at UGA caused him to lose out on that at OSU too.
  2. Until the defensive players start playing with consistent gap control and basic position techniques, like a LB scraping over to the hole, then it doesn’t matter one little bit.
  3. God Bless you Wendy Anderson!
  4. NFL officiating = completely inconsistent and Mickey Mouse-esque. NFL football is pretty much a joke at this point.
  5. Time to see if anyone on the defense can execute their actual assignment in the scheme.
  6. There isn't a single part of the game so far where a unit has done anything but completely shhyte all over itself. O, D, ST, Coaching
  7. Here's a funny video of "How 'Bama Fans Watch Week One 2019" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XwZgxCH2qQ
  8. That IF has sailed.
  9. Our Time... is NOW!!!
  10. 'Start v. Play' does not mean he won't or can't, or shouldn't, play a significant amount of snaps in game 1 and beyond. Let the coaches decide if, and when, he is ready to start a game; regardless, I bet he'll play as many snaps as they feel he has earned and is able to handle every week
  11. Can’t Fix Stupid.
  12. That is almost impossible to imagine... much less do!
  13. There is no wondering "why" these guys like Pittman as much as they do... that dude is just frick'in Cool !!!