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  1. KoG, It's really difficult for me to believe you aren't simply trolling with this statement. I don't think even the UGA fans on here that were seriously pro-Richt would even go so far as to say that Richt would be a good choice at Bama to follow Saban. That just seems like the epitome of the "Square Peg in a Round Hole" to me.
  2. Rivals board is in no hurry to update the Walker news.... hmmmmmm
  3. Good Lawd!! There are some truly LOW Class Vols fans b*tch*ng in that thread!
  4. What are they going to do it JJ Peterson flips?
  5. Now that there is funny. A-F!!!
  6. I'm liking this trend of our rivals getting jilted x 3 already today. keep it going!!
  7. Well, you can't spell Bama without A&M >> bA&Ma
  8. You ain't lying! I could EASILY see Walker pick up the hat, change his mind before he puts it on, pick up another one and put it on, only to switch again. Then... end in the LOI, then try to change his mind and get out of the LOI later on. Maybe once he get his mind set he'll be fine and roll with it, but I wouldn't bet on it right now... great talent and would do well at UGA it would seem, as for me... I really like the way Reese plays LB so I would like to see him a Dawg regardless of what walker decides to do.
  9. 26. Atlanta Falcons OG Isaiah Wynn, Georgia A+ 58. Atlanta Falcons DL Da'Shawn Hand, Alabama B 90. Atlanta Falcons DE Tyquan Lewis, Ohio State A 122. Atlanta Falcons WR Anthony Miller, Memphis A
  10. THAT sums it up nicely.
  11. I agree with your last sentence 100%. > When your own mother is commenting on your "err,... ummm... diminished edge (paraphrased), then that should speak volumes."
  12. My perspective on that >> USCe is selling out to pull on "heart strings" while simultaneously sending the incredibly short-sighted message that "any one player" is more important than professionally and appropriately attending to the far greater responsibilities of nurturing and building up USCe program. If Sandidge chooses to ignore the hidden message being sent here about the differences in USCe and UGA football programs and their respective futures and chooses USCe over UGA then all I can say is, "He obviously has a lot of maturing to do... and a staff that would do that, isn't the football staff I would want guiding my college age son.: #Head v. Heart
  13. When the Falcons were near half way through the season and still making bonehead penalties, playing volleyball with passes, etc. and Quinn said, "We're making uncharacteristic errors. That is not us." >>>> That's when I knew this season was lost. THAT WAS the 2017 Falcons. CONSISTENTLY. It didn't change all year either. 2017 Season.
  14. It's a Patriots World..... everyone else is just a role player.
  15. Tyson Campbell is the REAL DEAL.