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  1. If a Player doesn't want a Contract that allows a team to potentially cut them before it completes, and thus the Player does not collect the full amount the contract was projected to be worth if it went the full term under the Agreed Terms... now get this... the Player should negotiate for a different contract format BEFORE they sign it. The feeling sorry for Players because they "can get cut early" is just folly. The Players and Agents negotiate the contracts and they do so with the understanding of the dynamics involved over time. I'm sure players from past eras would be happy to trade any of today's players the paychecks of the past.
  2. That vid is so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!
  3. chill. I said nothing about wanting them to not make that much money. I simply said it is hard to feel sorry for them when they want an early (and huge) raise, when it is viewed in the context of what I presented as "normal people" earnings in a lifetime vs. what many of them make in half a season, or so.
  4. An individual earning 60K a year for 45 years (age 22 to 67 for example) earns 2.7M Gross. Double it to 120K annually and it jumps to 5.4M Gross. Compare that to the earnings for a professional athlete making those amounts, and often many times over... in one year. Not in 45 years. Makes it difficult to feel sorry for them when they want an early 20 - 35% compensation increase.
  5. TheTrueFalconsfan567-7 offspring... the parents can't agree on which gender it is.
  6. Thomas DeCoud sends his regards.
  7. That is one H3ll of a family record of service... and sacrifice. May they all RIP.
  8. Not everything is about money. Julio choosing to not be at OTAs sends a "message." Not necessarily a big deal... unless he makes it bigger, and the argument that he is worth more as compared to the current market is certainly with merit; however, skipping OTAs in this instance sends a message that creates a lot of ripples that will be felt later. I can guarantee that despite the current downplay by Quinn, Dimitroff, Blank, Ryan and teammates, and the entire organization, that this is NOT setting particularly well with a lot of those individuals I just mentioned. Hopefully, it stays low key and is resolved satisfactorily at some point sooner than later.
  9. So well said Emmitt. Just wonder if you realize your sentence > "I'm not a smart man, but I do know what being an honorable man means." < is very much like Forrest Gump's line, "I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is." Such a classic line and movie.
  10. I'll take it further... Green Beret, SEAL, Delta Force, Rangers, ParaRescue, etc. aren't gods above all others. They don't all share the same values, morals, and ideologies; some are great dudes, some okay, some are complete azzhats on numerous levels. Just like normal everyday folks. The opinion of one isn't necessarily gospel. Some of them are actual outcasts among there own brothers for violations of the code of honor and rules they swore to adhere to. Not all Veterans are created equal. They range from warrior leaders, all the way down to folks that joined for no reason other than to get the GI Bill and other service related benefits, and then go above and beyond in trying to avoid even doing their basic job until they get out.
  11. Hope all the Falcons and their fans enjoy this holiday weekend! I simply encourage all to pause and reflect on just how much some have given, so many can be where we are in 2018. There's still much to hope for, and work to do in our "Land of the Stars and Stripes"... it's the responsibility of all of us to keep striving.
  12. People of ALL color, race, ethnicity, cultures, religions, etc. are victims of brutality/excessive force/abuse/nonsensical behaviors, and so.... by police, military, government, school teachers, coaches, etc. all over the world. A lot of people do a poor job of handling their authority; especially when challenged, or they anticipate being challenged. I have my own experiences, (yes I'm caucasian/native american indian mix) that fall into almost every one of those categories to one degree or another. I almost made it to getting shot by a police officer in one instance.. for simply attempting to ask nicely, "Why did you pull me over?" And that is in no way an exaggeration or over-simplification of the event. The reason to pull me over, as it turned out was a made up reason to begin with. The first thing I would tell the NFL kneeling protesters is stop making it about 'people of color' v. police/authority. That narrow focus/message despite the reality of the bigger issue(s) and components/dynamics involved has done nothing but weaken the effort. A lot of people get it. And a lot of people don't. And won't. Because they choose not to. Carry on.
  13. Doesn't mean Boyer was correct in saying kneel for (during) the anthem is the most respectful. Personally, I think the entire mess would have been almost completely avoided, and a LOT more good done, if the kneeling were done (1) before the anthem, standing for it, then kneeling as it is ending, or (2) simply kneeling as it is ending. That action, or something along those lines, I would personally respect. Kneeling during the anthem, in my opinion, is disrespectful to the very values you are trying to marshal to affect change, and incredibly narrow-minded to put it simply. I know some here, and elsewhere, disagree with that for varying reasons... so no, I'm not looking to revisit that debate with any of you. And yes, I am a Vet of two branches of the military, come from a family with a significant service to this nation; have a sister that's a Vet and a son serving in his sixth year now. I would still lay down my life to defend the right of every US citizen to kneel during the anthem, desecrate Old Glory, etc.; however, that does not mean I think those actions are right, are necessary, are beneficial in any way, or have any place being done by any individual living under the protection and privilege of this nation. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.