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  1. Unless he's playing both ways and playing OL for The Brady Bucs... I could see TB drafting an OT
  2. As serious as the current situation is... in late March, any talk of cancelling the 2020 football season is pretty absurd right now.
  3. Simmons is a true Game Wrecker. Simmons is like the Queen on the Chess Board. Simmons is an outright Force Multiplier. Simmons at SAM would be a nearly unbelievable upgrade to our defense. The next biggest defensive upgrade option is actually Okudah. Then Kinlaw, then Brown.
  4. True. But me thinks he'll fare very well in comparison. This trade was a steal for the Falcons!
  5. here is another good one.. via trade down in the 1st 26. Antoine Winfield Jr. S Minnesota 47. Zack Baun OLB Wisconsin 59. Jordan Elliott DT Missouri 73. Akeem Davis-Gaither OLB Appalachian State 119. Amik Robertson CB Louisiana Tech 143. Tanner Muse S Clemson 228. Lawrence Cager WR Georgia
  6. Projections are from latter third of the 1st Rd to about pick 50. Most player rankings have him from late 20s to late 40s. Every single simulated online Mock I've ran (CoronaMocks) he is GONE before pick 47. I would love to have him on Falcons! If he makes it to 47 then I'd be beyond thrilled. He can play either S position well and is a Leader in the locker room and on the field. One of those complete professional minded types that was "Born to Be a Football Player Guys" that is going to solidify the defense for years.
  7. Liked this one a lot. 16. Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina 47. Zack Baun OLB Wisconsin 78. Jordan Elliott DT Missouri 119. Amik Robertson CB Louisiana Tech 143. Hakeem Adeniji OT Kansas 228. Geno Stone S Iowa
  8. I assume Oliver is one starter, and perhaps one of last years rookies come along enough to start with good results. Robertson would compete and could be the Nickel potentially. if Neal is healthy we have Kazee and Rico that can play Nickel. we have BB-W signed and I’d assume we would look to add a Vet for sure.
  9. 16. Derrick Brown DT Auburn 47. Zack Baun OLB Wisconsin 99. Logan Wilson ILB Wyoming 131. Amik Robertson CB Louisiana Tech 143. Joshua Kelley RB UCLA 172. J.R. Reed S Georgia 183. McTelvin Agim DT Arkansas
  10. .... but.... but.... but.... You Can Trust Him.
  11. Selling 'what' exactly?
  12. You seriously would have given Hooper 11M per?
  13. The convo was about which LB we might take in the 1st or 2nd... i thought. We could stand to add 3 LBs to the roster IMHO. SAM is a critical position in the Falcons defense. The fact it has been manned with average ability/performance has contributed to its ineffectiveness.
  14. Naw.... I didn't really make my point/intention clear. This LB topic need and role topic is so difficult because many don't realize that not every LB from college can just Plug N Play (and be effective) into an NFL defense.... and especially so the Falcons' defense.
  15. Duh. My response is due to him emphasing Murray fits as a WILL LB. When the critical LB position needing replacement/IMPROVEMENT is the SAM