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  1. I'd like to see Georgia win out, beat Bama, then the Tide plays UCF in the bowl game as a "delayed matchup of both National Champions." "There can be ONLY One!"
  2. the problem, and thus the ire of fans, is that "what is said and done behind those closed doors" from this HC and his Staff has been going on now 3.5 seasons... Dan Quinn HC Career: 36–25 (.590) ... and still we get treated to games like in Cleveland where the preparation by Coaches and Players is obviously lacking, the effort is woefully lacking by many players, the Coaches can't or won't make adjustments that should be dictated by the opponents' scheme/play, or adjustments with our own personnel to promote any difference in effort/play, where DQ makes moronic decisions for an NFL HC in season four, and then there are other games where there is just enough of the previously listed issues to cause games where "defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory" (that includes SB51). In response I have lowered my expectations of DQ and the Falcons by about 70% and lowered my "emotional investment" by more than that. But I can certainly empathize with fellow Falcons' fans that have not yet lowered their expectations... especially those, that like me, grew up watching the NFL of the 70s and 80s eras, or even prior to those years. All I'll say on that is, there were teams/players/coaches back in the day that would chew up and spit out the teams of the current era. I expect virtually nothing from Vic Beasley and Trufant anymore.... and their play has delivered perfectly.
  3. Just think if Sony wasn't injured....
  4. yeah.... but the Big10 are wussies.
  5. Trufant got his contract; been stealing that money ever since.
  6. Pretty decent summary, but you obviously panicked... due to the sheer volume of crap from that performance that you COULD have elaborated on, and instead ran your RB behind the C/G from a bunch/tight formation in short yardage. Seriously though... I'm over Dan Quinn. Time and again he has failed to deliver on multiple levels as the HC; this game in Cleveland spoke volumes in ways that is just unacceptable to me.
  7. Gonna' Call the Hogs again now?
  8. Am i missing something? The NFC is, and has been, far superior top to bottom over the AFC as far as good teams... the Falcons do alright versus NFC teams overall, BUT under Quinn they've won like ONE game versus AFC in something like 14 games or so now??!!! That shouldn't even be possible statistically.
  9. btw.... we can't sneak for two inches??? !! WTF
  10. Quinn is almost as stupid as Smitty.
  11. that was some dayum good down field blocking also!!
  12. AUB can overcome it. Ya'll have such a great HC; he'll manage.
  13. So you're saying AUBURN finally got caught up to by Karma. sort of...
  14. The crux of being a great play caller is being able to analyze all of your plays, trends, and the opponents reactions to them; determine what the results are, but also the "why" of those results, and THEN find ways to use your own trends... good and bad, coupled with what your opponents are doing, and turning the tables on them with alternative twists off of the very looks/plays they are keying to jump on. The toss play sends a "bait signal" to opponents right now; Sark just figured out an alternative to make them pay for taking that bait!!!!!!!
  15. This thread being titled Vic Beasley is so ironically hilarious. Because he shows up in this thread just like he does in games.