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  1. Yeah.... Venables being content to just stay as the DC at Clemson is truly invaluable to Dabo and that program. Wondering just how much longer that lasts... because it long ago passed being "normal" for a coach so well respected as Venables.
  2. Yup x 10 on ALL those points
  3. No. > Draft Elijah Holyfield.
  4. okay.... but ultimately the fault for that lies with the HC. No way around that reality.
  5. technically isn't that a REtweet ?
  6. Yup. The layers of irony with the entire Fields & Haselwood situations is indeed humorous. > *To include Chaney now at UT. LOL
  7. You mean WHEN
  8. I'm with ya'... thing is that type of football is on the Endangered Species list and simply isn't coming back. It will survive in some aspects, to some degree, but today's NFL is a passing league (think > physical Flag Football) and will remain so. I have cooled considerably on being a pro football fan in general and the type of game is partly why. I'd like to see a team that uses an effective 60/40 pass mix to get the lead, plays great D, and runs the ball 67/33 to close out the game.... sadly, that probably is never happening again.
  9. 1. Implying or saying Bryant is equal to, or even close to Fromm, is simply incorrect. 2. Saying Fromm is “solid” and nothing better thAn that is also incorrect. 3. Fromm just completed his SOPHOMORE year; expecting an even better Junior year from him is a pretty safe bet... especially given his overall makeup and the recent change in circumstances. 4. Fields is a physical talent and intelligent; very capable! He still has to earn his PT though.
  10. Nostradoofus has spoken. All Hail Nostradoofus!
  11. Dude is ALL ABOUT “show” when you get to the core of it.
  12. MODS, Can we lock this thread now? Transfer Complete.
  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to that!!!!!!!