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  1. a winless ODU beats VT..... way to go ACC.
  2. Fuh reeeaaaallll Hoping the Dawgs get there undefeated and with fully bad intentions to light the Gators up with "All GAS!!"
  3. Wow! Dat' boy Preach'in with Truth Bombs all over the place!
  4. Well there goes the Redshirt
  5. LOL. the stands are emptying out...
  6. Woener.... smfh
  7. Fromm just looks nervous pre snap...
  8. who is #89 ?
  9. Yeah.... I like Jake but he doesn't show ANY improvement so far IMO. Seems like G is going to give him plenty of opportunity to get settled in but he has piszed all over himself so far.
  11. You can't take away a down already FN played!!!
  12. the better give G the INT for this
  13. theyre negating an entire play for a review???!!!!